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Tenba Mini Messenger photo/laptop bag

Tenba Mini Messenger photo/laptop bag

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The Tenba Photo/Laptop Messenger Bag, Mini (Black) is designed to carry a D-SLR camera body, 2-3 lenses, flash and accessories, magazines and files. It can also hold an Apple iPad, netbook or a notebook computer up to a 13" MacBook pro. There are adjustable dividers that can be used to configure the interior for a wide variety of photographic or video equipment. Removing the dividers converts the Messenger Mini into a perfect, general-purpose carrying bag. The bag is made from strong, durable, lightweight 1000 denier nylon exterior with padded compartments. It has many pockets to keep mobile hard drives, cell phone, MP3 player, cables, chargers, pens and business cards organized and easily accessible. The bag is carried by a padded handle or a removable, adjustable shoulder strap.

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Tenba Mini Carrying Case Messenger for 13" Notebook, Camera - Black
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Particularly for those of us who enjoy street photography or simply always want to have a camera at hand, one of the more frustrating versions of “the quest for the perfect bag” is to find an everyday bag. I’m talking about the kind of bag that can carry a small camera kit along with a laptop, cellphone, and whatever other widgets you need with you. Something that isn’t overly showy or bulky, but isn’t completely unprotected either. The Messenger Mini Photo-Laptop Bag is one of Tenba’s solutions to this oh-so-common problem.

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Nice overall bag but did not fulfill my needs , Jul 15, 2012
By Michael Mendoza

My current Canon 2400 bag was too fat, lacked multiple pockets for organizing and screamed expensive camera inside. I normally carry a back pack for my baby gear for my 2 kids so I wanted a much slimmer/smaller messenger bag to carry on my side. And the Tenba Mini Messenger seemed to fit the bill. It looks great and definitely does not look like a camera bag. It has a lot of pockets and wide main interior but after filling the bag to capacity (Canon 50D, 28-70mm Sigma attached, Canon 55-250mm, Canon 50mm, 430 Flash, Giotta large blower, 2 hoods, Cleaning liquid, cloths, 2 Lens Pens, filters, battery charger with extra battery, manual, and memory cards) the bag ended up stretching to be just as fat as my original Canon bag. The 2 front pockets ended up being useless because they were too tight and small for anything useful. My Android phone did not even fit there. Also odd that on the 2 top sides there are small openings where the shoulder straps attach to the bags where rain can enter straight to my main equipment. I wish that Tenba offered a rain cover like the Think Tank or Lowerpro bags. I have the Tenba in black and it seems to easily collect lint and dust. I ended up exchanging the Mini for the Tenba Small Messenger bag (the small seemed slimmer than the Mini) but I ended up returning that bag as well because it just seemed huge overall (even though it's called a small) against my body and my wife's body (both of us are petite). So now I'm back to the drawing board. Anyone have any recommendations? Both Tenba Messenger bags are overall nice but they just did not fulfill my needs even though I really wished they did. Hopefully I can win the Tamron 18-270 lens from Photo.net so I can get rid of my 28-70 + 55-250 lens and buy the slimmer/smaller bag (like the Lowerpro Rezo 170 AW bag) I need that fits less equipment. Crossing my fingers!

Great shoulder bag....if you aren't bringing a big laptop, Apr 30, 2012
By S. Peters

This is really a very nice shoulderbag. It's a good size for a small-mid size DSLR kit and it fits mirrorless kits with ease. Its layout is pretty standard, three main sections that can be further divided by movable panels. The idea being that your camera with lens attached goes in the center section and lenses/flash/etc go on the sides. Plenty of smaller pockets for memory cards, batteries, and what have you. There is a padded laptop section. I'm a bit conflicted about this, because I don't have a 13" laptop and it won't hold anything bigger. I do have an ipad, and that fits just fine. But the ipad bounces around a bit because the section is built for a laptop width and not an ipad. I'd probably ranter have had an overall slightly slimmer bag and just a tablet sleeve rather than the laptop section that I don't use. But I'm sure I would feel differently if I had a small travel laptop.

By far, the two best things about this bad are it's big comfortable padded shoulder strap and the "speed access" zipper thing on the top that allows you to get into your bag without opening the flaps and making noise with the velcro. Both are great features that improve the bag in real-world use.

Comments From Review (5)

Ilia Farniev , September 25, 2011; 07:00 A.M.

It just happend a Messanger Bag is exactly what I have on my mind for last 5 days or so. This TENBA sure is good call but it lacks in size IMO coz if your fly too you need room for exta shirt and a tooth brush maybe. Otherwise - sure shot.

Pierre Smith , September 09, 2011; 05:23 A.M.

I just threw out a similar Tenba after it split a seam, but I had been using it for cameras and laptops since the 80's.

Josh Root , August 22, 2011; 01:30 A.M.

How do the (unmounted) lenses fit with hoods, namely a 70-200 mm lens with both the foot & the hood?

I can't for the life of me find where I put my 70-200 hood at the moment. But sticking my lens in there and eyeballing it shows that you shouldn't have a problem.

parv . , August 04, 2011; 01:22 P.M.

How long a lens could easily fit mounted on a ("medium" or "large" sized) camera?

How do the (unmounted) lenses fit with hoods, namely a 70-200 mm lens with both the foot & the hood?

Matt Sutton , July 21, 2011; 05:02 P.M.

I have the larger version of this bag and swear by it for all the things the reviewer has already stated. But I admit the larger the bag, the heavier and more awkward it becomes. So this smaller version looks perfect!