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Nikon D300s

Nikon D300s

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Extraordinary still and HD video imaging performance converge in the fast and agile 12.3-megapixel, DX-format D300S, delivering D-SLR versatility. Capture cinematic 24 fps, 720p HD movie clips, enhanced by NIKKOR interchangeable lens quality.

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Back in August 2007, when Nikon simultaneously announced the Nikon D3, (compare prices) (review), and , and nikon_d300

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Using the D300s for architectural photography, Jul 12, 2012
By Robert Alvarez

I have been shooting professionally for 32 years mainly with Nikon 35mm, Mamiya 120 and a Linhoff 4x5. I now use DSLRs exclusively. I have been shooting bracketings to create HDRs for over 3 years now having created more than 45,000 tonemapped images.
Nikon makes it very easy on the D300s to create a bracketing by pushing the bottom programable button on the lower right front side of the camera and turning the command dials to choose 3,5,7 or 9 exposures with up to one fstop diference. I believe Nikon should allow me to change the fstop increment to allow brackets of up to 3 fstops diference between exposures. Some Nikon Cameras such as the D90 and D7000 only allow 3 exposures with up to 2 fstops. I dont see why there should be a limitation. In some extreme cases I am forced to use 9 exposures because of the great dynamic range of the scene. It would be great to be able to shoot 5 exposures with 2 fstops diference.
Which brings me to another issue. When I am doing bracketings I shoot as quickly as possible and I think the camera could shoot faster and more efficiently if the mirror stayed up during the whole bracketing sequence. There could be a menu where I could specify that.
Another limitation of the D300s is the Mode Dial found on the top left of the camera, which allows you to select the camera's drive mode, single, two continuous speeds, quiet mode, self-timer or mirror up. The problem is that it is imposible to do a combination of these modes.
For instance; Self timer with Continuous Highspeed shooting. Or Mirror up with self timer.
Some canon Cameras allow you to set your bracketing and shoot with the self timer all exposures automatically.
I really like the D300s and can't wait to see the next version of this camera (D400?)
Maybe Nikon could take this review into account and make the necesary software changes to allow for a better bracketing experience.

Nikon D300s.....A Great Deal, Jul 12, 2012
By mario fontes

Nikon D300s is a remarkable Camera for a very affordable price introduced in 2009 became a very popular camera for a professional use.The camera capture 720p HD video at 24 frames/sec with stereo audio as a plus.It also accept dual flash (CF) and High-capacity secured Digital (SDHC)memory cards.Some Photographers considers themselves as a pure still photographers.However,video is a much better medium to present certain actions.Upon using the D300S or other DSLRs with the video feature, some of those photographers may change their mind.With a 12 megapixel sensor, it would be easy to think of the D300S as a high-quality camera. The JPEGs may be a little softer than we'd choose but they respond well to the sharpening being pushed up a notch, so it's just a matter of tuning them to suit your purposes. Processing from raw brings even better results. The D300S is the standout product that should take away from an absolutely excellent product - a gently polished and refined update of a product that I considered a benchmark.

Comments From Review (8)

Martin Meszaros , December 18, 2009; 07:05 A.M.

The best in every respect. No camera for beginners, however. A real complex tool and I can hardly imagin what should be improved in coming models. Top AF, top noise performance (this video well present it: Nikon D300s review video ), top jpg out of the box, 12 MP by far enough and thanks Nikon for giving us the best picture quality and not more MP! Bought it with the 18-200 VR II, which is also great for its range. You can configure the D300s perfectly for your needs. I really think if I need to shoot RAW any longer. Had other brands before and this is an almost unbelivable step up for me. Top flash performance and I never miss a shot!


I am not sure so far if the exposure out of the box is not a little bit too bright for my taste, but it is correct according to the histogram. Only a minor point. You can configure your own picture styles. You need some time to understand a new cam (my experience: at least 2000 picures in all conditions).

Dotty Waxman , September 06, 2009; 09:25 P.M.

What exactly are the CF cards that WILL work on 300s? Will my CF cards from D200 work? What about Extreme III cards?

Steve Hopkins , August 11, 2009; 10:53 A.M.

Need to get another D300 soon, as I'm having more focusing problems with my D70s. When will the cost on the D300 start going down, I wonder??? Not much price difference between the two models at this point.

The video capture on D300s is nice, but may be still early in the 'DSLR 'video game' to get it now, unless you can really put it to use for your PJ job for instance. Steve (shoppix)

charles mcguire , August 06, 2009; 05:38 P.M.

While I also would like to see the swivel screen for low camera shots, (Like haveing the waist level finder for my F2 or Hasselblad...) I also believe it would be hard to make on durable enough for a 'pro' body. It is one thing to put it on a body that will be in the closet in 2 years, but that may not be the case with a D300...

CC Chang , August 04, 2009; 05:38 P.M.

" a swivel LCD similar to the one on the D5000. A swivel LCD is very convenient for holding the camera overhead using live view or placing the camera close to the ground for low-angle landscape and macro photography."

Totally agree. I was hoping that after the introduction of D5000, all dSLRs above D5000 should get this very useful feature but the D300s did not. It is really disappointing.

Farooq G. Ahsan-ud-Din , July 31, 2009; 01:00 P.M.

so there is no difference between the image quality of the D300 as compared to the new D300s? No improvement in ISO?

Dave Perkes , July 30, 2009; 09:36 A.M.

The dual card and video will be useful to me . I've held off buying a D300 as a second body since Nikons D90 was announced. I hoped the video was going to included in the next version. Its such a shame that Nikon didn't add a tilting screen.

Is the D300 video quality same as D90?

Will I be able to use Sandisk extreme type CF cards?

Pete Harlan , July 30, 2009; 08:15 A.M.

Thanks for the "first look" Shun.

Not enough new on the camera to make me want one over the D-300. Duel cards is a great idea, but why SD & CF? Hmmm?