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Walmart Slide Processing

Steve Simons , Apr 06, 2004; 10:35 p.m.

Where I live (Terrace, B.C. Canada) there isn't much in the way of photography. There are two quality labs here and a handful of cheap ones. The thing is, none of the quality labs process slide film (or B&W film), they have to send it to Victoria and it took 3 weeks the last time but they usually take 2 weeks.

But, we just got a Walmart, and I've heard that they develope slide film, and, if they do, does anyone know if they do it well? I know each store is different, and I can say that the prints I've had done at the Walmart here (as a test) were AWFUL. Would it even be worth checking out or should I find a place somewhere near here I could mail to for better results and hopefully only around 1 week before I get them back.

The thing is, if I can't get slides developed around here, I'm switching to digital, which I don't want to do but pretty much have to because of wide-angle issues. I love slides, I've only shot one roll of them but I'm already in love, looking at them with my 50mm lens through a window, they're so chrisp and the colors so saturated, I love them, and want to shoot them and buy a slide scanner.

Any opinions/help is greatly appreciated.


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Rob Murray , Apr 06, 2004; 11:06 p.m.

They will just send it out...like all walmarts do for slides. There are some great pro labs that do mail order work I have heard. Maybe someone will respond that can recommend some to you.

Brent Bennett , Apr 07, 2004; 01:08 a.m.

A small professional lab which I have used for years. Personal, outstanding attention to quality, etc: PHOTOCRAFT 771 WEST 400 NORTH OREM, UTAH 84057 (801) 225-2624 E-6 processing is $6.50 for a 36 exp. roll. They also do outstanding printing: Ilfochromes, digital photo paper and giclee, black and white, and Duratrans.

Scott Pickering "25 ASA" , Apr 07, 2004; 01:44 a.m.

As the others said- Wal-Mart sends it through Qualex. I've used Qualex a lot and found the slide processing fine. Never noticed any problems with ones coming back. They even still accept Kodachrome. But you may feel more comfortable sending to a pro lab. Lens and Shutter's Custom Color lab is good. There are other labs in Vancouver as well.

As for bad photos done at your Wal-Mart there, I would go back with the order you got done and ask them to redo it. And explain what exactly you felt was wrong with it. Sometimes printers don't know exactly what look your prefer, and if its just a bad job over-all, you have the right to get it done over again. If it happens again- talk to the manager. If no success, then skip that lab there on in.

Scott Pickering "25 ASA" , Apr 07, 2004; 01:51 a.m.

Oh Steve- just noticing another thread of yours. Walmart in Canada uses Noritsu equipment and Kodak materials. Its in the US Walmarts that use Fuji Frontiers and Fuji materials.

Your lab may or may not now be using a digital printer Noritsu. You'll have to ask. If its not now, it probably wont be too long before they get a new machine.

Mike ( Lab Monkey) , Apr 07, 2004; 01:57 a.m.

The outlab that WalMart uses might do a good job. Try sending a test roll to see how they do. You wont be able to push or pull film, and you might not be able to ask for them not to mount or cut the film.

If you demand perfection, don't send it there.. And of course, I will recommend my lab. =)


( if your shots are nature/landscape/travel photography the price will be a bit less. $5.75 for a roll mounted, and $4.90 unmounted.. Otherwise it will $9.00 for a 36ex. roll mounted)

Scott Pickering "25 ASA" , Apr 07, 2004; 04:19 a.m.

Yes you can test Qualex for their slide processing and see how you like it. You can request with them to no mount the slides if wanted. Now my question to others is this: Why in thw world would a Canadian send work south of the border for an extra cost in doing so, if the same work can be done here in BC? Custom Color in Vancouver uses a Kodak LED digital printer at 250 dpi. Im not sure if they are now using the 300dpi option or not.


Mike Kovacs , Apr 07, 2004; 10:06 a.m.

Did you write earlier on a related question? Custom Colour, ABC Photocolour, Lens and Shutter all run good labs in Vancouver. Their "processing included" slide film deals beat any price you'll get in the USA.

ABC is a personal favourite. They can do it all: colour reversal printing, internegatives, Noritsu digital, Lightjet, wide format inkjet. They have a nice FTP service so you can upload scanned, profiled and manipulated files with printing instructions. Very professional outfit. I don't know how well any of these guys work through the mail...I lived a 15min walk away in Kits.

Robert Johnson , Apr 07, 2004; 02:32 p.m.

I don't know about Canada, but in the US, Fuji has the Wal-Mart contract. You can leave E-6 and K-14 film for processing. It's US$4.88 for 36 exposure mounted. The E-6 goes to the Fuji lab in Phoenix and the K-14 goes to Dwaynes in Parsons, KS. The sign says to allow two weeks, but the K-14 is being returned in approximately 10-12 days.

If the Wal-Mart people truly don't know where it is going, suggest you hang around the front/outside of the store around the cut-off time listed on the kiosk and see which van is double-parked. In Nashville, it's a white one that says "Fujicolor" down both sides!

At the places that send to Kodak (COSTCO, Eckard, CVS, Walgreens) it's a big yellow truck that says "Kodak/Qualex, Evansville, Indiana." Looks like a big beer truck with lots of sliding doors. Inside are tubs of processed film instead of beer!

Robert Johnson, me@robertejohnson.com Nashville, TN USA

Scott Pickering "25 ASA" , Apr 08, 2004; 12:44 a.m.

As I said the Walmarts in Canada have the Kodak contract and use Qualex for their outlab work. This is for E-6, B&W, enlargements, and some other work. Novelty stuff is sent to Photogifts.

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