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Kodak instamatic 110 film

Mark Accardi , Oct 03, 2005; 07:41 p.m.

Hi All, Approximately 25 years ago when I was a youngster, I shot two rolls of kodacolor c110 film from a vacation I was on. I never got them developed and recently discovered them while doing some house cleaning. My questions are: can these rolls still be developed by a typical Walmart/Kmart processing center and is there any chance that the images are still good on the film. If the super centers are incapable of processing this film does anyone know where it can be developed? Thank you in advance!!! P.S. the proc. type is C-41


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Stephen H , Oct 03, 2005; 08:07 p.m.

I don't think the regular 1-hour labs process 110 film, but they can send it out. The chemisty is okay, just the machines are set up for different size film.

Almost certainly, the film will be damaged somewhat. Color may be off, or it may just have no discernable image left. It is surely worth a try, though, just to find out. Be sure to let your lab know that that it's old film, and you want ALL frames printed.

There is a lab that specializes on oddball developing, but I doubt they could do a lot better with this than any other lab. I think it is Rocky Mountain Labs.

Larry Dressler , Oct 03, 2005; 08:33 p.m.

Wal-Mart will do it but they will send it out. Some places will clip it to a 120 processor clip and hope it does not fall off in the tank.


Robert Lai , Oct 03, 2005; 08:35 p.m.

I would give it to Walmart, and ask them to develop only, not print anything. I would also have them scan all frames to a CD. The colors will probably be off, but then you can desaturate them into B&W. At least you'll have something to look at rather than nothing. All this should cost less than $5/roll at Walmart.

Craig Shearman , Oct 03, 2005; 09:25 p.m.

How important is this film to you? If it potentially has valuable images of yourself or your family in your childhood/teen years, or or relatives who have passed on, etc., spend the extra money to have it developed right at Rocky Mountain or one of the other labs that specialize in older film. C-41 is a current process but most places aren't set up to print or scan from 110.

John Shriver , Oct 03, 2005; 09:57 p.m.

I'd say just bring it anyplace that offers real "Kodak" processing (now going under the Qualex or Kodalux names). After all, Kodak still makes C-41 110 film, so I'd sure think they would process it.

Yeah, the results won't be great, that's for sure.

Terence Spross , Oct 03, 2005; 10:20 p.m.

I wasn't aware that Walmart would "develop only" ( having used Sam's club a lot- they send to the same Fuji lab)- financially you would be better off to just specify one each of the 3 1/2 prints especially since if perchance the roll is blank - they won't charge you anythihng at all. You might as well let them scan onto CD though as the best prints would come after color correcting in software.

Kelly Flanigan , Oct 03, 2005; 11:11 p.m.

Here the local Walmart still sells alot of 110 Kodacolor. Their Frontier processor has 1 hour c41 110 film processing for 110 film; and also scans them to disk for a dollar or two more. The 110 service is a normal 1 hour service; like 35mm; and priced the same. APS; the stepchild costs 2 buck extra.

Charles Stobbs , Oct 04, 2005; 11:18 a.m.

I thought instamatic film size was 126. Considerably larger than 110 size.

Jonathan Lowe , Oct 04, 2005; 03:54 p.m.

110 film is also instamatic film, it uses the same kind of cassette which loads instantly into the camera compared to how it used to be. have you used 126 recently?

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