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Best Film Lab In New York?

Allan Schoening , Sep 03, 2006; 01:41 a.m.

Hey guys, I was hoping to get some opinions on what you guys thought was the best film lab in NYC. Mainly for color negative and positive film. I've been using LTI. They're good (with a nice client list) but I'm not thrilled with them. Any opinion? Thank you.


Mitch Falk , Sep 03, 2006; 06:59 a.m.

Flatiron Color Lab - 17th & 6th ave.

.[. Z , Sep 03, 2006; 04:20 p.m.

Flatiron is a decent lab, but not any better than Adorama or Alkit.

For b&w-only, 68degrees.com and mvlabs.com are the way to go -- both print for top-name pros.

Duggal develops and prints color for photographers, shows and for pieces going into museums.

I read of one pro photographer in NYC who's been burned by a number of the NYC labs with good reputations, so she Fedexes her film to photoworkssf.com, gets back low-res scans and decides from there what to have printed, and of another photographer who sends his rolls to accucolorlabs.com in NJ.

Michael Stern , Apr 23, 2007; 12:13 p.m.

I used to use Alkit but switched to Duggal about five years ago because of disappointment with some scanning work that Alkit had done. Duggal is pricey but they do nice work.

.[. Z suggests that Duggal is for color only, but I disagree. For what it's worth, I shoot mostly 35mm color negatives and 120 b&w negatives. I generally have them make machine prints, but I've had them do some custom work for me too, and I've been pleased with all of it.

Isaac Jeong , Apr 27, 2007; 06:45 p.m.

I have to say, I was burned very badly by Duggal. They lost my negatives and then tried to refund me with store credit (i prepaid) instead of giving me a regular refund. The employee also acted annoyed that I was upset until the manager came and saw what was happening, telling the guy to give me back my money. Really impossibly unprofessional from start to finish. Best lab I've ever used anywhere is a place in Utah called borge andersen. hands down, amazing speed service and quality. i miss those guys now that i've moved here-

Brian Wickham , Jun 05, 2008; 12:48 a.m.

I use Baboo on W 20 Street. The results on 36 exp Provia 100 have been very good so far and it only costs $6.70 a roll. In the past I have had good results with b&w and Portra at Baboo. In ten years I can't recall ever having a problem.

John Poulos , Sep 12, 2008; 10:10 a.m.

Duggal screwed me too. Service is horrible, negs came back spotted and dirty. I use Ken Lieberman labs and so far so good.

sub pras , Oct 16, 2008; 11:36 a.m.

us color lab located downtown at 12 mercer street very professional and clean processing. always willing to help assistants with their portfolio with scans or processing

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