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York(Clark) Photo Quality?

Anthony Johns , Apr 13, 2007; 11:32 p.m.

Wow, York photo has extremely low prices on 35mm film processing. $1.95 for color print film and $3.95 for slide film! Does anyone know how their quality is? Thank you, Anthony


Ron Andrews , Apr 14, 2007; 06:58 a.m.

Does $1.95 include prints?

York/Clark has a reputation of delivering quality commensurate with their prices. I gave up on Snapfish when they were aligned with York/Clark because of poor print quality. (I haven't revisited Snapfish since HP bought them.)

Randall Ellis , Apr 14, 2007; 10:27 a.m.

Back in the 80's I used to use them quite a bit, but I haven't sent them any film since then. The quality, then, was good, but I can't comment on now. I would suspect that it would be the same as taking your film to the local drugstore or SprawlMart.

- Randy

Anthony Johns , Apr 14, 2007; 01:45 p.m.

Ron, yes, the $1.95 includes 4x6 prints. I'll send in a few rolls that aren't to important and report back on the quality.

Jeff Polaski , Apr 15, 2007; 04:49 p.m.

Well, I'm starting to use them again, but am not interested much in the prints other than as proofs. It's the negatives I am after for scanning and then working with in PS CS2.

I do know that although they process C41 as a business mainstay, sending them C41 process chromogenic B&W film (Ilford XP2) confusing the living dickens out of them and half the time the roll is either returned unprocessed, or forwarded to a B&W silver process lab.

This happens no matter how clearly I mark the film as C41 process (wrapped in a sheet of paper with big red letters).

Robert Himmelright , Apr 20, 2007; 01:55 a.m.

if you're just using them essentially to get negs, proscesing a roll of film negs only at a drug store is around the same price, The drug store I worked at was $2 for 24 exposures and an index print. Ready in about 11 minutes.

James Bond , May 21, 2009; 03:53 a.m.

In my experience, quality from Clark has been hit or miss. Even though York and Clark are run by the same company, I found York quality much worse for some reason.
Many people swear by Costco, but they did a horrible job on my prints (I had to have quite a few rolls reprinted at a 1-hour lab, which turned out way better), so I'm never using Costco again.
I would also stay away from Target or Walgreens (the worst).
With good yet affordable film processing getting harder and harder to find, I may be forced to go digital soon - sad!!!!
For my next roll of film I'm going to try ABCPhotolab.com to see if they are as good as people say.

Somak Ray , Aug 24, 2009; 11:45 p.m.

I just received my first print from Clark's, from a roll of fuji 160s and a fuji reala. They did a fantastic job. For the reala, the shots were of 4th july fireworks only. They printed it very well,with brilliant flare of fireworks in a pitch dark background. For the 160s the color was also very nice and as expected.

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