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Brilliant vintage Hollywood 8 x 10 Kodachromes sell on ebay...


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Marc Bergman , Feb 27, 2011; 03:03 p.m.


Thanks for posting this. They are wonderful.

I found some pricing for Kodachrome from a 1941 Fotoshop catalog. The price includes development.

Kodachrome Pricing 1941

John Shriver , Feb 27, 2011; 06:47 p.m.

Well, in 1941 18 exposures of 135 Kodachrome were $2.68. It would take at least 2 rolls to be as much film as one 8x10, plus being hand-processed the 8x10 must have cost more. Lets assume $7 a sheet. That's over $80 corrected for inflation today.
(That 18 exposure roll of Kodachrome is almost $39 corrected for inflation. Kodachrome was for the rich then.)
Of course, in 1945 you had to "know someone" to get some Kodachrome...

Karim Ghantous , Feb 28, 2011; 03:53 a.m.

Marc, I noticed something interesting about that price list. 36 exposures cost $5 but 18 - exactly half - cost $2.50 - exactly half. This is odd considering that you always get a cheaper price for larger quantities (in this case, exposures). I'm surprised that the 18exp. roll wasn't something like $2.85.

John, I've got some wartime ads I will have to scan and link to. One in particular - if I can find it - talks about how the product will be available soon, as the war had just ended. :-)

Nicholas Rapak , Feb 28, 2011; 10:43 a.m.

if you look further down the page, you can see that Kodachrome sheet films are listed, so you don't have to guess at the price. 8x10 was $18.00 for 6 sheets, which divides out to $3 a sheet. Based on official inflation rates, $3 in 1941 is $44.94 today.
For comparison, Badger Graphic is selling E100G in 8x10 for $97.95 per 10-sheet pack, or $9.80 a sheet. Add to that $5.00 per sheet processing (from Samy's), and you end up with $14.80/sheet. So, adjusted for inflation, 8x10 Kodachrome was 3x more expensive than 8x10 today.

James Dainis , Feb 28, 2011; 10:43 a.m.

That price list shows 6 sheets of 8x10 Kodachrome for $18 or $3 per sheet, or about $45 per sheet adjusted for inflation. It sounds as if Mr. Kelly used one box (about $270) in order to give Ms Monroe $50. Nice guy.

Jeff Livacich , Feb 28, 2011; 06:11 p.m.

Yeah, though it worked out OK for him, too. 8^D

Daniel Bayer , Mar 06, 2011; 02:19 a.m.

Got it today, wow, what a beautiful piece of history...

8 x 10" Kodachrome next to 35mm on my light table...

Dave S , Mar 06, 2011; 06:50 a.m.

Contemporaneous article by the photographer, Whitey Schafer: *click*.

Donnie Strickland , Mar 07, 2011; 05:13 p.m.


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