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Cost of Canon i9900 Printer Head

William H. Wiley , Jun 20, 2006; 09:29 p.m.

Can anyone tell me what a new printer head costs for a Canon i9900 printer? I've tried everything to clean the head, but 2 colors won't start up again.

Also, if you have sent a printer head back to Canon, we're they able to clean and return it or just advise you to buy a new one?

Thanks for your comments.



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Bob Gentile , Jun 20, 2006; 11:16 p.m.

Not sure of Canon's repair policies or print head prices (sorry), but you might want to try fixyourownprinter.com first. I got a head cleaning kit for a clogged Epson. Also got a kit to fix an HP LaserJet which wasn't feeding paper properly. This was a year and six months ago respectively. Both are still working great.

BTW, now I know to print something at least once a week. Anything. Just to keep the heads from clogging.

William H. Wiley , Jun 21, 2006; 01:54 p.m.

Thanks for the response, Bob.

Printing an image once/week or even more often is a lesson that I will practice from now on, too. It's too much of a pain when things go wrong.


Bob Gentile , Jun 21, 2006; 05:18 p.m.

"... Printing an image once/week or even more often is a lesson that I will practice from now on, too. It's too much of a pain when things go wrong..."

Sure is. Plus, I don't know about Canon, but Epsons won't (can't?) run the nozzle cleaning procedure when the ink gets too low in any cartridge! I had a clogged black nozzle, but I couldn't run the nozzle cleaning routine until I replaced the light magenta cartridge!

Good luck with the printer. If you decide to try to clean the print head yourself, please let me know how it works out.

Mark Wahlster , Jun 22, 2006; 02:31 a.m.

would it not make more sense to ask Canon what the new print head would cost? They afterall sell them no one here does. And pretty much the same for the second question Contact the Canon Service dept and ask them.

Roger Kallet , Jun 22, 2006; 06:43 a.m.

The information here may be helpful.


Steven Abramson , Jun 22, 2006; 08:18 a.m.

I seem to recall they are around $100. Canon i series printers are very finicky about using cheap inks. I learned my lesson, having to replace a print head several years ago. I always use Canon inks now. I find the results are better and no trouble with clogs or most anything else.

The comment about one a week use is well taken. You would be able to get away with not using the printer for a couple of weeks occasionally, but do it too often and you're asking for trouble.


Roger Kallet , Jun 22, 2006; 09:42 a.m.

Here is a company that sells Canon print heads.


William H. Wiley , Jun 22, 2006; 09:51 a.m.

Thanks for everyone's comments. FYI, my printer is 14 months old and I forgot that an optional maintenance warranty could be purchased within the first 12 months (stupid me!). I have used the printer quite a bit (maybe 15-30 8x10s/week), but that's only a rough guess.

In this case, I'd printed 13 borderless 8x10s and then 2 of the colors started going bad. As I'd read about on several websites (including Neil Slade's), I ran the usual standard cleaning and deep cleaning, and then took the head out and cleaned it with distilled water and denatured alcohol, then very lightly blew compressed air on the heads. But after several attempts at this, I still couldn't get 2 of the colors to come through at all.

Today I called Canon and found out that a new head for the i9900 costs $89.54 plus tax. That includes shipping. I guess I can handle that, but the lesson learned is that it's critical to run a sheet every day or two through the printer just to keep the heards from drying out.

Interesting point, Bob. I hadn't heard or read anywhere that all of the cartridges have to have ink in them before a cleaning cycle can work, but it only makes sense. I try to watch my ink levels pretty carefully.

Hope all this helps someone else avoid this situation.


William H. Wiley , Jun 22, 2006; 01:38 p.m.

Roger - I looked up the company's website and they list the print head for the i9900 as $208.86. I just ordered a new print head from Canon for $89 +tax.

I wonder what the deal is?


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