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WANTED Vintage 35mm movie projectors

My name is Tom Wilson and I am looking for ANY vintage carbon arc era 35mm movie projectors. I am looking for projectors made by Simplex, Brenkert, Motiograph, Ballantyne, Wenzel, Gardner, Century, Powers, Edison, Peerless and any other companies. I am also interested in ANY related theater equipment, 35mm films, as well as old theater light fixtures, movie poster display cabinets, even a ticket booth! I am seeking these items for my personal collection. If you have anything theater related, please feel free to contact me by phone or by email. My phone number is 937-477-9855. My email address is tomwilson@cameragraph.com I have experience removing equipment from projection booths and can do so without any mess or hassle on your part. I will travel anywhere in the continental USA to pick up and remove equipment.

Misc. manufacturer names: Peerless magnarc, aschcrof, ashcraft suprex, cyclex, peerless hy- candescent hycandescent, peerless magnarc, super simplex, simplex e7 e-7, Simplex XL, Simplex X- L, Strong Mogul, stong excelite, simpler high, Simplex high, strong utility, strong reflector arc lamp, deforest phonofilm, jewell ultraphone, brenhert, weber synchrofilm, ashcraft dynarc dyn- arc, RCA dynarc dyn-arc, ashcraft core-lite corelite, super corelite, RCA corelite core- lite, cinerama, Motiograph, Motiograph deluxe, Motiograph De-Luxe, Brenkert, Brenograph, enarc, senarc, radarc, Century c cc jj, gardiner, gardner, Ballantyne, powers cameragraph, power's cameragraph, Kaplan, ashcraft cyclex, Monarch theatre supply Chicago, edison kinetoscope, edison projecting kinetoscope, edison universal projecting kinetoscope, edison exhibition projecting kinetoscope, graphoscope, graphoscope jr., Viascope, brenkert enarc, Zenith safety projector company deluth minn, enterprise optical Mfg. co. Chicago, optigraph, wenzel ace, simplex acme, RCA Simplex, Hertner Transverter, Wotton Rexolux, Nicholas Power Company Co. Cameragraph, UTE Proctor automatic projector, J.H. Hallberg Continuous Feed arc control, Power's Speed indicator, Baird Motion Picture Machine Company, Walter G. Preddey, The Graphoscope Co. Washington DC D.C., American standard moving picture machine co., E.H. Amet Magniscope, ampro arc, baird, wentzel, bauer, J.B. Colt, Deforest De Forest Phonofilm, Devry, Edengraph, Gaumont, Holmes, International Projector Corp., Precision Machine Co. New York, Kalee, Kershaw, Kinemacolor, LaVezzi, Lubin Cineograph, Marvel, Norelco, pathe cinematographe, Royal Optical Co. Chicago, Selig Polyscope, Strong Electric Co. Toledo Ohio, projector, projection equipment, aschcraft super cinex supercinex, lamphouse, lamphouses, motion picture projectors projector, strong jetarc jet arc, strong futura mighty ninety utility one kilowatt 135, theatre projector, theatre projectors, movie theatre projectors, cinema projector, cinema projectors, rca photophone, kni-tron knitron, morlite, morelite, General electric mercury arc rectifier, ashcraft rca wide-arc, zenith xenith projector projectors, Sup-R-Arc, Hopkins & Woods, Hall & Conley, Westinghouse mercury arc rectifier, Walter G Preddey Theatre supply, National theatre supply, Cosmograph. (Expires Dec 07, 2080)

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