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Frequently Asked Questions About Photo.net

How do I register and log in?

To register and log into photo.net, visit http://photo.net/register and choose 'Sign me up!'. Members registering for the first time will be emailed a random password, which is used only for your first login.

After you become a registered member, you will be able to sign in at any time by choosing the 'Sign in' link in the top right of each page.

Where and what can I post?

Once you are registered, you may post photos in the photo.net Gallery, comments and ratings on photos, questions and responses in the photo.net Forums, classified ads, opinions and reviews of photography equipment, and comments on most of the articles on the site. Everything that you post should be a sincere question or a helpful answer. This is an educational community. Please read the Terms of Use.

How do I report a copyright infringement?

Please contact photo.net's DMCA Agent.

How do I change my password or my email address?

To change your photo.net email address or password, log in to photo.net (http://www.photo.net/register). If you are not automatically redirected to your workspace, click on the "My Workspace" link in the upper right of the page. You will find a section called "Site Bureaucracy" in the top right of the page. There, you can choose "Change my password" or "Change my email address".

How do I upload a photo?

Photos uploaded to photo.net should be JPEG format, less than 100k in size, and no larger than 800x600 resolution [Ed: we're trying to change this limitation; we formerly employed a programmer who came to the ridiculous conclusion that the average photo.net reader circa 2006 used an 800x600 pixel monitor!] . There are two areas on photo.net where members can upload photos:
Go to your workspace (see preceding) and, under "Your photos", click on "your portfolio management page" or "uploading a single photo"

Members can also log in and go to the gallery page (http://www.photo.net/gallery) and click on "Manage" under the heading "Your Portfolio"

Once you are in your portfolio, you will need to enter your equipment before uploading images.
Please add at least one of each of the following types of equipment to the "Equipment" section first by either choosing the "Equipment" link in the gray tip box or by choosing "Manage your equipment" under the "Your Equipment" section:
  • Cameras
  • Films / Media

Once you have added all required equipment, choose the "Your Portfolio" link in the navigation bar above your equipment table to return to your portfolio.

You are now ready to add a photo to your portfolio.
To upload a single photo:

  • choose "add a single photo"
  • upload a file
  • enter the required information about your photo (don't forget to specify the camera and film/media used in the equipment area)
  • choose the "Add this photo" button at either the top or bottom of the page to complete your upload

How do I delete a photo?

To delete a photo from your portfolio:
  • Go to your portfolio page
  • Select the Roll, Folder or PhotoCD in which you stored the photo.
  • Click on the photo.
  • From the options below the photo, click on Delete photo.

How can I get my photos critiqued?

The best way to get your photos critiqued is to become an active participant in the community by thoughtfully critique other members' photos. Photo.net members can also submit photos to the photo critique forum.

How can I change the image, caption, equipment, and other information for a photo?

Click on the photo thumbnail in the folder to open it, then click on "Edit Image Info".

Can I prevent my photo from being rated or critiqued?

No. All photos can be rated or commented-on by other members.

How should I rate an image? What do 1-7 mean?

Please see The Photo.net Rating System

How can I prevent my photo from being seen by others?

You can't. All photos are available for public viewing.

How do I ask a question in the forums?

Before asking a question, please use the search feature (upper right of every page) to see if your question has been answered in an archived thread, photo.net article or in a user comment on a photo.net article. To post a question to the discussion forums, start at http://photo.net/community/forums and choose the forum most appropriate for your question.

How do I place hyperlinks in my posts?

If you would like to post a question that appears like: write:
  • how do I place a <a href="http://www.photo.net/photo/guide-to-links-on-photonet.html" >hyperlink</a> in my post?
The <a href="xxxx">yyyy</a> tag is a HTML command that makes the link active. Replace the "xxxx" with a URL, and replace the "yyyy" with whatever you want the link to say. Be sure to select "HTML" from the "text above is" option, just below the Message box. Then click the "Post" button and test your links before hitting the "Confirm" button. To separate paragraphs in HTML place <p> between them. To get a new line in HTML write <br>. For more details, visit our guide to links.

How do I include an image in a forum post?

There are two ways to include an image in a forum posting.
  1. Using the bulletin board upload feature. With this method the association between the uploaded image and the posting is stored in the database, and the image is uploaded to a special area. The attached file will stay on photo.net as long as the posting is not deleted. To do this, you fill in the form that comes up after you "Confirm" your posting. If you enter a caption and the filename has an extension recognized as an image (.JPG or .GIF), it will be displayed at the top of the posting, and if it is small enough, it will be displayed in-line. If it is too big, there will just be a link. What is "too big"? 512 pixels or more in width. If you don't enter a caption, it is assumed to be some other kind of file besides an image (not allowed in all forums), and a link will be placed to it at the bottom of the posting, after the poster's name. Even with the correct extension, the software may not recognize some JPEG files. It has been reported that .JPG files from Picture Publisher 8 are not recognized as images, for example.

  2. Make your posting HTML and include an <img> tag. Another popular way to do it is to make your posting HTML rather than "Plain Text" and to enter an <img> tag. For this to work, you have to have the image available somewhere on the Web to be served. An obvious way to meet this requirement is to upload the image as a "photo" to photo.net and to use the photo.net image-display URL, but any image hosting service or a URL to your own web server will do. This approach is more complicated than bulletin board attachments since you have to separately upload the file and you have to type in a little HTML. Its is that you have more control over the size and placement of the image. The disadvantage (besides being a little harder) is that if the link is ever broken (the image hosting server is down, for example), then the image in your posting won't appear. If you use this approach, please be polite to other forum readers, and do not embed very large images in your posts or use URL's that are going to place unwanted cookies on other members' computers.

How do I receive email alerts?

Photo.net members can sign up to have new threads posted to the forums and classifieds come to them via email alerts. These alerts contain the forum thread or classifieds ad the member has subscribed to along with a link to where that information is located on photo.net. Members can opt to have alerts sent to them instantly, daily, Monday and Thursday or weekly. Members who receive forum email alerts can subscribe to keywords and will receive an alert when the keyword they subscribed to is matched against the subject line of a thread, message body, author name, and author email address. To receive email alerts click on "email alerts" located on the top of each forum page and classifieds page. To disable your alerts click on "disable" or "off" next to your list of existing alerts.

You can also place email alerts on photos that you upload to the Gallery, and photo.net will notify you if somebody makes a comment on the photo. Everybody can have three "free" alerts, and you can subscribe to photo.net for unlimited "photocritique alerts".

How do I report abuse?

You can report abuse by sending email to abuse@photo.net

How can I financially support photo.net?

Thanks for asking! You can subscribe, or buy a camera by clicking through to Adorama (you pay the same price that you would have if you'd started at Adorama's homepage; photo.net earns a commission of what you buy).