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Monthly Photography Newsletter from Photo.net

by Josh Root, December 2008 (updated December 2012)

Starting in October 2007, Photo.net began delivering a monthly
newsletter to its users. The purpose of the newsletter is to bring the
best of photo.net to our users’ email inbox. It will inform them of new site
content, draw attention to some talented photo.net members, and
highlight some of the more interesting tips, events, photos, and
information posted to the site every month. With thousands of new
forum and gallery posts every day, it would be impossible to keep
track of everything on photo.net. This is the photo.net team’s way
of helping with that problem.

If you do not wish to receive the Photo.net newsletter, you can modify your newsletter subscription status from your “my workspace” area. Look for the “Newsletter Subscription” link in the “Account Options” section.

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Things that might be confusing

Photo.net uses a company called Silverpop to mail out the
newsletter. Due to the sheer size of the photo.net mailing list we
have to be very careful about the way we send out mail. If we weren’t,
all mail coming from the photo.net servers would quickly get tagged as
spam. This would be particularly bad because new user email, topic
notifications, email requests, and password reminders would all be
blocked as a result. This would, understandably, cause a huge logjam
of problems. This is where Silverpop comes in. They are used to
working with email and internet service providers to prevent
legitimate email from being blocked. Silverpop does mailings for
companies like Buy.com, Golfsmith, Mazda, and Jetblue. They are a
well-respected business working with Fortune 500 companies, not merely
a fly by night spam-marketer.

What does this mean for you, the user? It means that a few things
in the newsletter are going to be more suspicious than you would
probably want them to be:

  • Some users have received the newsletter and others have
  • This is not because of any sort of priority mailing list. It is
    simply because even with a company like Silverpop helping us, we
    cannot send to our full mailing list at once. This has to be done in
    stages over a few days. As people have varying email delivery speeds
    and a variety of different spam catching security systems, there is

    bound to be a wide range of time in which users will receive the
    mailing. As we gradually delete the out-of-date email addresses and
    update the list to reflect those who have unsubscribed, the overall
    delivery time should become faster.

  • The newsletter is sent from a “no reply” email address.
  • This is a necessity due to the fact that without it our mail
    servers would crash as a result of all the bounced email from
    addresses that no longer exist. Within each newsletter we will list
    the contact email (contact@photo.net) for our Director of Community,
    Josh Root, so that he can help with any related issues that may

  • The “from” address is different from the actual sender.
  • While the sender email is listed as “noreply@photo.net”, those who
    look into the email header information will notice that the actual
    sender is from a “mkt691.com” domain. Again, this is part of the
    system that email-marketing companies like Silverpop use to keep the
    photo.net domain from being accused of spam activities.

  • Newsletter links do not point to photo.net.
  • The links in the email (including the “opt-out” link) do not direct
    you to http://photo.net, rather they point to
    “http://links.mkt691.com”. This is another part of the service that
    Silverpop provides. These dedicated links allow them to tell us how
    many people are actually using the email and how many are choosing to
    unsubscribe. If we found out that 90% of our users did not want to see
    a photo.net email, we would know to not bother in the
    future. Conversely, if we found out that people particularly liked one
    aspect of the newsletter (the “Featured Member” for example) we would
    know to add similar content in the future.

  • Does this mean that photo.net is selling user names and
  • Absolutely not. Please read the Photo.net Privacy Policy
    and be assured that we will never sell or give away your personal data
    to other companies.

How to subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter:

When you first register with photo.net, you have a chance to choose to receive the Photo.net newsletter. If for some reason you decided at that time not to receive it and then change your mind later, or decide that you no longer want to receive it, here is how you can subscribe or unsubscribe.

  • First, log in to your Photo.net account if you are not already logged in.
  • Then, click on the “my workspace” link in the upper right hand corner of any page.
  • Look for the “Account Options” heading on the right hand side of the page.
  • Click on the “Newsletter Subscription” link.
  • You will then see a statement that indicates if you are subscribed or unsubscribed. There will also be a link that will allow you to either subscribe (if you are currently unsubscribed) or unsubscribe (if you are currently subscribed). Click that link if you wish to change your subscription status.

In addition, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking the “If you wish to unsubscribe from this newsletter, please click here.” link that is at the bottom of every newsletter.

Have more questions?

Please use the “Contact” link that is at the bottom of every Photo.net page to reach a Photo.net Admin.

Text and photos © 2012 Josh Root.

Article revised December 2012.