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Question to Linhof Universal Finder

harry zet , Oct 20, 2004; 03:48 a.m.

I just got a Linhof Universal Finder for 4x5 inch - the old one that unfolds like a telescope. If you look through it you can see a Frame with a cross in the middle. Is that the frame for 4x5 inch or for 6x9cm?


Marck McGill , Oct 20, 2004; 04:10 a.m.

I would compare it with what I actually see on the ground glass...

H. C. , Oct 20, 2004; 04:38 a.m.


Other than comparing it to what's seen on the groundglass... look on the front of the finder. I believe that there should be markings on the removable mask that will tell you what you're looking at.

My mask was silver in color and marked 4x5 in red.


Gary Rowlands - Manchester, UK , Oct 20, 2004; 05:23 a.m.

I have the same problem caused by not having a mask. Masks for the various formats are available for about ?60 from Linhof dealers in the UK.

From memory the brightline equates to a 6x9 and will check today.

Do owners find this framing device useful for landscape work, or does it stay in the bag ??

harry zet , Oct 20, 2004; 06:56 a.m.

@h.c. there is no mask in front of the finder. will have to wait until my linhof technika III will be delivered, than i can check with the groundglass. but i got the finder first and was curious. BTW: does anybody know wher to get a rangefinder-cam for a 90 mm lens?

Ron Gratz , Oct 20, 2004; 09:36 a.m.

You asked: does anybody know wher to get a rangefinder-cam for a 90 mm lens.

I see these periodically from used camera dealers eg KEH. BUT...you should know that Linhof fitted each lens with its own cam precisely fitting that lens. The cam has the serial # of the lens inscribed on it. The same is true for the interchangeable focussing scale. If you pick up a cam it will not likely(!) be the exact one for your lens. You need to check the cam focus with the ground glass focus to determine if it is close enough.

Ron Gratz

Bill Mitchell , Oct 20, 2004; 09:45 a.m.

The little silvered rectangle is for 6x9 (2.25x3.25). The whole frame is for 4x5.

Van Camper , Oct 21, 2004; 08:03 p.m.

"Do owners find this framing device useful for landscape work, or does it stay in the bag ?? Gary Rowland

I have the Horseman zoom optical finder. I find mine very useful. First, I check using the finder which lens I will need and my composition, only then I get the gear out if things look good. Second, in very low light at sunrise I had a guy next to me who couldn't compose the upside down and inverted image until there was sufficient light, and when there was enough light all I had to do was focus(when shooting the grand canyon there was no need for tilts) while he spent the next few minutes adjusting the camera. I'm getting the right light on film, while he is wasting it to set up his camera...Hmmmm. Horseman and Linhoff are the only mfrs I know that have optical finders designed for the camera, with parallex correction on the Horseman 45FA.

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