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Anwar Saeeduddin , Nov 05, 2004; 07:20 p.m.

Hello I am new entrant to this forum, although I visit various pages of this forum frequently for the past five years. I bought a Linhof super technika 5x7 set which was a long awaited camera for me. The seller was a French gentleman who sent the whole Hello I am new entrant to this forum, although I visit various pages of this forum frequently for the past five years. I bought a Linhof super technika 5x7 set which was a long awaited camera for me. The seller was a French gentleman who sent the whole set through Chronopost, in a Linhof Compartment case to my friend in New Jersey US. Alas! it never reached its destination like that. Out of the 14 pieces of the set only two reached the destination! yes only two!! After about a month of "CLEARANCE" at US customs in NY, without any investigation or information. They robbed me of my camera and the money. The package was delivered at NJ opened and retaped. They also charged $170/- for their "SERVICES" from my friend. "THIS IS USA, THE FREE & FAIR COUNTRY"

Attachment: Linhof1.jpg


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John Shriver , Nov 05, 2004; 08:44 p.m.

The New York docks have been full of crooks for years, aided and abetted by the Mob.

Bill Mitchell , Nov 06, 2004; 08:53 a.m.

It was insured, of course.

Andre Noble , Nov 07, 2004; 03:50 a.m.

Let's hope.

Anwar Saeeduddin , Nov 07, 2004; 06:09 a.m.

Can any one guide me what to do?? I am really dejected and heart broken. PS: 'soory for the typo in the beginning of the message

Jorn Ake , Nov 07, 2004; 06:55 a.m.

Well, you have to file a claim don't you? If you think the items disappeared in customs, there should be a procedure for filing a claim there. If you think Chronopost is the culprit, then there must be a procedure at that step. If the seller may have been dishonest, then you need to take it up with him or with the authorities in his jurisdiction. The more documentation of the transaction you have the better. If the things were shipped from France through US customs, especially through a commercial carrier, there should have been a detailed customs declaration form. There also should have been insurance on the shipment through the carrier. You should have made payment dependent upon receipt of total items. If none of these things were done, you may face some difficulties resolving your problem.

Daniel Smith , Nov 07, 2004; 10:32 a.m.

Was the stated weight that postage was paid for the same as he weight you received? That will help in determining whether the package included everything at the beginning. File a complaint/claim and also contact the office of your US Senator & have him follow up for you. He carries a lot more weight than you do & (in doing this in the past) when he hollars some items may suddenly 'be found'. Of course, make the insurance claim at the same time. Anyone who purchases shipped items like this has to have insurance.

Anwar Saeeduddin , Nov 07, 2004; 07:38 p.m.

Yes you are right, as you can see in the on the following URL the item was "PARTIALLY DELIVERED" to the destination. (link) A claim has been filed with chronopost, but after all this I will not be having the camera. A simple benign view camera that I bought. If it was objectionable to the customs, they should have contacted the person who was the final recepient of the camera, before just taking it out of the box or if somone else did it what is the security and protection??

Anwar Saeeduddin , Nov 07, 2004; 07:40 p.m.

Thank you Daniel for your advice, I think that is the way to go.

Francois Croizet , Nov 08, 2004; 03:48 p.m.


I am the french guy who has sent the technika to Anwar.

In fact, we don't know where the camera has been lost / stolen or destroyed, but it has been kept for a month at the US customs...

It was inssured and from the insurrance point of view the case is closed as we got the money back.

The list of lost / stolen / or destroyed items is the following :

1 - One view camera Linhof Super Technika V 5x7 (s/n 2475015)

2 - One Lens Rodenstock Sironar-N f5.6 180mm on copal 1 (s/n 10432821)

3 - One black left hand grip

4 - One 5x7 to 4x5 lens board adapter (for tele lenses)

5 - One lens board Copal 3

7 - One lens board Copal 1

8 - One 5x7 back with ground glass and hood

9 - One 5x7 to 4x5 reducing back

10 - One linhof multifinder 121 mm to 500 mm

11 - One 4x5 back with ground glass, fresnel and hood

12 - One 180 rangefinder cam (s/n 10432821)

See the posted picture.

Please contact me or Anwar in case of some items popping up...

You can read the same story from the famous french medium and large format forum "Galerie Photo".

Follow the lonk below :


Best regards

Fran├žois Croizet

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