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View Camera Magazine - are unfulfilled subscriptions and diabolical customer service the norm?

Garth Charlton , Nov 02, 2007; 03:05 a.m.

If you, like me, enjoy large format photography, subscribing to View Camera Magazine might seem like a no-brainer. I bought mine last December and after a couple of weeks, received the January/Febuary 2007 edition. Little did I know they were merely lulling me into a false sense of security.

Nine months, and five missing copies later I am NOT a happy camper.

Not one of my emails asking what happened to my subscription has ever been answered and the few times I have actually managed to speak to an actual person on the telephone, they seemed to go out of their way to be rude and unhelpful. And STILL not send me the outstanding magazines! What on earth is going on at VCM?

Has anyone else encountered similar problems with this particular publication, or is it just me?


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Harold Wingo , Nov 02, 2007; 03:28 a.m.

You are not alone! I experienced much of the same for the first year. Rudeness, when finally making contact, was the final nail in the coffin. From my point of view such behavior, in itself, over-shadows late and missing copies. When my subscription ends, so will my patronage. Sad and disappointing isn't it!


Peter Galuszewski , Nov 02, 2007; 05:06 a.m.

I believe the man who publishes the magazine is a regular on APUG - you may want to voice your grievances there, as well.

Mike Bischof , Nov 02, 2007; 05:19 a.m.

I have unfortunately experienced the same issues -- which is a real shame since it is (apart from occasional bad proof-reading) a truely great magazine.

Ronald Moravec , Nov 02, 2007; 09:42 a.m.

I have been a subscriber for 10 years at least. The printer screwed up pages once and one or two times it got lost in the mail. The printer screw up was replaced automatically and the lost copies were replaced without charge.

I have renewed by phone, fax, and on line and never a problem.

Try a phone call and talk to a person. E mail is too easily ignored.

Keith Clementson , Nov 02, 2007; 10:17 a.m.

For this new subscriber, only one customer service experience, and it was a good one. They (Andrea Miles, assistant to the publisher) returned my email promptly and was courteous - resolved my issue.

David Wilcoxson , Nov 02, 2007; 11:37 a.m.

I've been a subscriber for the last four years. The only issues I've had have been with subscription renewels. When I called them, they were always helpful and the problems were solved. They've always been courteous, never rude, no drama. BTW, I enjoy the magazine. I've even emailed Steve Simmons about a question on a lens once. He promptly replied with a helpful answer.

Darr Almeda , Nov 02, 2007; 11:55 a.m.

I have been a subscriber for at least 10 years. Recently I moved and did not receive an issue. I called Andrea and she immediately mailed me two issues (current and missed issue) and made sure of the address change. I have never had a problem with VCM that was not solved immediately and politely. I would call them instead of e-mail.

steve simmons , Nov 02, 2007; 01:06 p.m.

I apologize for any problems people are or have had. To straighten things out call us at 800-894-8439 m-f 7-4 mountain time.

steve simmons

Kerry Thalmann , Nov 02, 2007; 01:23 p.m.

Calling on the phone is usually the most efficient way to get your problem resolved. I'm sure Andrea will be happy to help you out. I've met her in person at the last few View Camera large format conferences. She's quite friendly and always willing and eager to help.

If you do send email, make sure you get their email address correct. If you send it to largeformat@aol.com, which seems logical, they won't get it. Their correct email address is: largformat@aol.com (not the absent "e").


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