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Wista 45D vs Linhof Technika III

Kenneth Young , Sep 05, 2008; 01:19 p.m.

Hi I'm new to large format photograph. Can anyone tell me how does one rate Wista 45D against Linhof Technika III? Cause I'd like to buy a used camera body. Would Wista have limited movability?


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Bruce Cahn , Sep 05, 2008; 05:18 p.m.

A Linhof is more precise.

Bohdan Pryszlak , Sep 05, 2008; 06:39 p.m.

There is NO FRONT TILT on the Technika III and any used ones are going to be quite old. There are nice ones (and crappy ones) around but if you're patient you can get one for a reasonable price.

Paul Hoyt , Sep 06, 2008; 12:17 a.m.

The Linhof Technica III will be problamatic to service. Marflex does not support that camera anymore and it is getting more difficult to find somebody who can repair older Linhof's.

I am right Bob?

Michael Hendrickson , Sep 06, 2008; 05:16 a.m.

But on the other hand, Linhofs are built like tanks. So long as you take care of the Linhof, the only part you'd likely need would be the bellows.

The Linhof is much heavier. The Wista has more movements. For the money, the Wista is probably the better deal.

Bob Salomon , Sep 06, 2008; 12:21 p.m.

Both cameras are out of production. The III since 1956. The factories do not make parts or specific accessories for either the III or the D. That means that if the camera needs a specific part they are not available unless that part is interchangeable with a later or current model. In the case of the III the factory has not made ground glasses, fresnels, lensboards or other basic accessories for at least 25 years.

A later version of either camera would be a more practical investment and learning tool.

Kenneth Young , Sep 07, 2008; 11:24 a.m.

Thanks all for your advice. Perhaps I should look at Technika IV and later versions of Wista.

Kenneth Young , Sep 09, 2008; 08:57 a.m.

Hi, how do they compare with Toyo Field A 4x5 or a used Horseman?

Vic Krag , Sep 12, 2008; 01:09 p.m.

Horsemans are usually more pricey, no? A good choice would be between the Wista SP or Tech IV - I found a great deal on a Tech IV so it was an easy decision. Learn all you can so you can recognize a good deal when you see it and snap it up. The other expenses involed in moving to 4x5 add up (enlarger, lenses, fim holders, film.. ), you want to make the right decisions as you go forward - a Tech III would not be the best choice.

Paul A. - Los Angeles, CA. , Sep 14, 2008; 01:26 a.m.

Easy. I would invest in a Linhof IV. With a little more cash I would buy the newest Linhof Master Technika without the handle and RF>

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