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21 Animals with Personality

by Photo.net Editorial, October 2013 (updated April 2015)

These animals have some serious personality. Pictures of animals induce smiling and reduce blood pressure. Lower your stress by clicking the right arrow to begin.

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Christopher Pethick

Scott Cromwell
Dog With Doggles

Aleksander Nordaas
Just a Mouthful

Bruce Kramer

Lee McLaughlin
Kid on the Tracks

Tammy Hineline
Fetch, Fido

Ben Huybrechts
Chicken in Normandy

Chuck Turner

Ian Mason
The Exhibitionist

Marina Cano

Hannu Soini

Inita Bite

Dariusz Klimczak

John Vargas
Arctic Fox

Line Martel
Motherly Love

Peter Weimann

Frederick Dunn
The scent of a bunny…

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photo by Jim Crotty

Text and photos © 2015 Photo.net Editorial.

Article revised April 2015.

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