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Photo Store in Geneva

Nick ... , Sep 09, 2002; 05:45 p.m.

Does anyone know of a good photo shop in Geneva, Suisse? I will mainly be needing film (prefer Ilford HP5 and D3200), but a nice Leica shop would be very fun as well.

I will actually be staying in Ferney Voltaire, but I will have a day to head into the city.

Are shops open on Sunday?

Thanks much,


Pierre Claquin , Sep 10, 2002; 12:11 a.m.

I have been using for many years what used to be called "Photo Verdaine". They have moved to a new location one block away from the parking de Rives (I do not have the exact address but anyone near Parking de Rives will tell you). There is also a FNAC store in the area, closer to rue du Rhone, where they sell photo equipment. There is a 6% tax that can be refunded at the border if you are not a Swiss citizen. My experience (I have lived too long in Asia) is that bargaining (offering to pay cash versus credit card, etc.)often works. Shops are closed on Sunday Good luck

pierre bize , Sep 10, 2002; 06:34 a.m.

photo verdaine is on the rond point de rive, very easy to locate. They are quite expensive even for swiss standard, like all other shops in geneva. If your looking for used leica they have an M6 non TTL black body at photo hall (rue de la confederation, along tram 12 line). If you d'like to save some bucks take the train or drive 50km to Lausanne you will pay 15% less for same material at photoGM (rue de bourg) or photo Grancy (boulevard de Grancy) just beneath the train station)

Lutz Konermann , Sep 10, 2002; 09:01 a.m.

Another vote for Photo Hall - very well assorted, very competent and kind service - all a professional would need. Some used Leica bargains, too. Don't know about Lausanne but prices are better than in the German Swiss region, anyway.

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