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Ft. Lauderdale Leica Dealers

EDWARD STEINBERG , Jun 24, 2004; 10:53 a.m.

Do you know of any good dealers where I can trade an M6 TTL and some lenses for an M7 or perhaps even a digital in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida? Thanks.



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Jonathan G , Jun 24, 2004; 11:07 a.m.

There are none here in Ft Lauderdale. Try Michael at Newtonville Camera in Newtonville, Mass. From my experience, he is the best for this type of thing. (sorry, don't have his number with me)

Jay . , Jun 24, 2004; 11:07 a.m.

Al might know of someplace in Miami, but last I heard Lauderdale Camera was closed (no great loss IMO, the guy who ran it was a slimeball). The only authorized Leica dealer in the sort-of-vicinity is Precision Photo in Boca Raton (www.bocaphoto.com)but they have not been stocking any Leica product because it sells too slowly, however they will take your trade and order anything you want. However I suggest selling your stuff here, or if it doesn't sell, then put it on eBay. You'll have a lot more money left to buy. Then buy from NYC, like Rich Pinto, and save the 6% FL sales tax.

Al Kaplan - Miami, FL , Jun 24, 2004; 11:39 a.m.

I don't know of any Leica dealers in northern Miami-Dade County anymore either! The sales tax here is 1% more than most other Florida counties anyway.

~ Jon ~ , Jun 24, 2004; 12:53 p.m.

>I don't know of any Leica dealers in northern Miami-Dade County anymore either! The sales tax here is 1% more than most other Florida counties anyway.

Gotta pay for those new-fangled voting machines!

Anthony Oresteen , Jun 24, 2004; 02:11 p.m.

I might add (as a Floridian myself) that in Florida while the elderly can not handle the old voting machines they could run 8 bingo cards at the same time and never miss a number.

Sergio Ortega , Jun 24, 2004; 04:18 p.m.


I've lived and worked in S. Fla. off and on for years, and visited just about every camera store in the three county area (Dade/Broward/P.Bch). I agree with all previous posters who believe you'd be better off to shop by mail for anything Leica.

Some of the small local shops handle Leica, some new and mostly used, but they are not expert and they have very limited stock. And most of these guys are slippery if not downright sleazy. I could tell you story after story.

There is only one real Leica dealer I've dealt with in Miami who I consider reputable: Phil's Camera on South Dixie Hwy in South Miami. They handle Leica/Hasselblad/Nikon/Canon. They don't handle used, but they do have a consignment counter. I've purchased a number of new and used items from them (all Nikon, no Leica or Hasselblad) with no problems at all. They are not discount, you pay retail plus sales tax.

I generally have purchased all Leica equipment from NY mailorder, many of the Shutterbug advertisers have excellent reputations. They seem to have the best prices, and many handle used equipment on trade or buy outright. KEH in Atlanta also is safe to deal with, as are many others I'm sure.

Whatever you do, stay away from downtown Miami. There are tons of camera/electronic stores there that will take advantage of anyone dumb enough to shop in that area, though I doubt many of them handle Leica. There is one thief in Downtown Miami who has been cheating people for over thirty years; I will not mention his name, but if you e-mail me I'll be happy to provide you with any info you may desire. As previously mentioned, the Lauderdale Camera people (by the way, they are still in business, just at a different location) are the worst of the worst.

There's only one other dealer in the area I'd recommend to anyone: Pitman Photo. But they do not handle Leica, only Nikon/Canon.

Good luck. Sergio.

Walter Bogart , Jun 24, 2004; 06:00 p.m.


Having lived in the Boca Raton area for some time now, I'm well acquainted with Precision Photo. I have nothing but compliments for them, and I can also say that they do have some new Leica equipment available for sale, and, I believe, will order stuff for you. If you're interested, let me know - I have bought both new and used from them - bothe Leica and Nikon.


John , Jun 24, 2004; 09:17 p.m.

Again, Rich Pinto at Photo Village, NYC. Stopped by his shop for the first time yesterday and we chatted for awhile. He is very knowledeable and seemed chock full of integrity. All of his used Leica stuff is lovely.

EDWARD STEINBERG , Jun 25, 2004; 10:02 a.m.

Thank you for the information. It surprised me that there is virtually no inventory in this area. Obviously, I will have to engage in trading outside the South Florida region. I always appreciate the weatlh of info that you have.


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