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Camera Show at the North Miami Armory - Feb. 4 & 5

Al Kaplan - Miami, FL , Jan 19, 2006; 07:58 a.m.

Well, it's Camera Show time again. In the past there's always been lots of used stuff including darkroom equipment. The past few years a group of us from the Leica Forum have met for breakfast at the nearby Jimmie's Place restaurant on 125th St. in North Miami, FL then headed over to the Armory. I'm thinking we could meet Saturday about 10 AM. If you're interested email me at preacherpop42 (at) aol (dot) com

FEBRUARY 2006 4-5 FLラFPCC 30TH ANNUAL MIAMI/FT LAUDERDALE CAMERA SHOW. This is the largest camera show in the south. Saturday 11am-5pm, Sunday 9am-3pm. North Miami Armory, 13250 NE 8th Avenue, N. Miami, FL. Contact: FPCC Camera Show, Nancy Green PO Box 11267, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33339, 954- 564-1022.


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Gary Wong , Jan 19, 2006; 09:43 a.m.

Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday. Is there an admission fee?

tom , Jan 19, 2006; 10:09 a.m.

We've had a great time before - I'm almost certain I can make it.

Bill Mitchell , Jan 19, 2006; 11:30 a.m.

That given phone number seems to be disconnected. Does anyone know when the Honeywell Miniplex show is scheduled in St. Pete?

Kevin Mendenhall , Jan 19, 2006; 12:12 p.m.

I can't help but think that camera shows like this must have the whiff of death around them these days. Between ebay and digital they seem more than a little anachronistic.

Sheldon Hambrick , Jan 19, 2006; 12:15 p.m.

Kevin beat me to it. As fun as these shows were, it's nice to be able to get the gear now at fraction of the prices that these venues used to charge.

Robert Haller , Jan 19, 2006; 12:31 p.m.

...to far to join from Germany/Munich but gentlemen, please post some wide shots here in the forum when u return - thank you ...

Al Kaplan - Miami, FL , Jan 19, 2006; 01:21 p.m.

Off-hand I forget what the admission fee is, maybe eight bucks? And if they mailed you a card bring it and get two bucks off. Mine is here SOMEPLACE in this mess on my desk! The city has plans to redo that entire oversized block, which has the armory, municipal swimming pool, tot lot, and the former police and fire stations, so this might be the last year they hold the camera show there. Sheldon, if you come I'll pay for your admission ;-)

Stephen H , Jan 19, 2006; 01:22 p.m.

I just went to the camera show in Grapevine (Dallas area, TX)- there was definitely less there than in years past. Ebay is part of the problem. Digital is part of the problem- most of the show is used items, meaning film items, meaning prices are way down. I did pick up a couple of cool items, though. I would definitely check this one out if I were in that area. (I picked up a negative holder cheaper than I could find on Ebay, for what that's worth.)

I predict...that as digital evolves, it will get to the point where cameras aren't changing all that much year-to-year...and then there would be a sizable digital used market as well, which would help those shows.

Sergio Ortega , Jan 19, 2006; 07:25 p.m.

I think the admission is about five dollars with the little classified ad from the Miami Herald.

This Armory show is the only camera show worth attending in S. Fl., all the others (I call them the Holiday Inn shows) are now nothing more than a few grizzled old coots selling dusty old cameras, lenses and darkroom equipment, and taking advantage of the few ignorant sellers showing up to try to get rid of their useless film stuff.

The Armory show is about the only place to see good, older Leica stuff in the Miami area. Some big, out-of-town Leica buyers used to show up; don't know if they're still coming. You can find lots of interesting large format equipment as well, from complete Linhof outfits in their original cases to barely used studio rails selling for a fraction of their usual prices.

The cast of characters walking around is nearly worth the price of admission. You'll find guys walking around with signs around their necks advertising their personal camera equipment for sale. A few years ago I got to meet and chat with Bunny Yeager (sp?), she was autographing some of her old Betty pinups and reliving her glory days (time sure took its toll with Bunny!). And I think I might even have seen Al prowling around the tables (looking back now, I believe I may have recognized him from his infamous CV15 work).

I'll probably be out of town that weekend, but if you're in Miami you should not miss it.

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