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Leica 1a

Evasio Spagnuolo , Apr 13, 2010; 08:29 p.m.

Hi, I am new to the forum and need some help. I have just purchased a Leica 1a serial # 46921 but it has a nickle finished and can't seem to find one anywhere. Has it been plated by a previous owner?


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Robert Meier , Apr 13, 2010; 08:37 p.m.

What can't you seem to find anywhere?

Evasio Spagnuolo , Apr 13, 2010; 08:43 p.m.

Not in the nickle finish. They are all black. I will post some photos tomorrow.

Robert Meier , Apr 13, 2010; 08:46 p.m.

You have one in your hands but you can't seem to find one anywhere?

Evasio Spagnuolo , Apr 13, 2010; 08:56 p.m.

I mean as a comparison for information and value. I purchased it in last week at an auction with other photographic equipment.

Karim Ghantous , Apr 13, 2010; 08:57 p.m.

Geez, Robert, you know what he means! :-P

Arthur Plumpton , Apr 13, 2010; 09:11 p.m.

Perhaps information and market value can be found here (I think the prices are a bit low, though), although they don't seem to mention the model Ia, only II onwards.

Robert Meier , Apr 13, 2010; 09:26 p.m.

I was actually pretty lost.

Alan Clayton , Apr 14, 2010; 05:43 p.m.

"I was actually pretty lost." Me too, but I think I've unravelled the question - here goes:

Searching for"Leica 1a" brings up many pages of Leica websites, but one of the better sites (Cameraquest - link) ), isn't top of the list. That is the place to start any quest for information on Leicas. "Leica 1a" is a slight misnaming and may result in some confusion. More detailed descriptions of the various Leica 1 variants (A to C, etc) require some determined web searches.

S/N 46921indicates an 1930 Leica 1 (Model A). According to The Leica Pocket Book (7th Ed) the Model A was was produced only in black paint. A nickel model - that is the body is silver, not black - sounds very odd. As far as I can tell at the moment, the first chrome model was the Leica Model E which was introduced in 1933 with S/N 105210 .

Evasio Spagnuolo , Apr 14, 2010; 07:26 p.m.

Thanks Alan for your answer. I wonder if the top and bottom plates have been plated at some time? The unusual thing is that it is exactly the same finish as the nickel Elmar lens.

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