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Bronica lenses: MC vs PE vs E

Glen Cheng , Oct 18, 1997; 03:43 p.m.

Could anyone explain the differences between MC, E, E II, and PE lenses for the Bronica ETR? The PE lenses seem most expensive and the MC lenses the cheapest. Does anyone have opinions as to whether the extra cost is justified?



JOHN CAPPAI , Oct 20, 1997; 09:58 a.m.

MC standts for multi coated. There are two verions of Bronica lenses for the ETR system : The E and the current PE. Usally MC are called the early lenses having a silver ring on the front where you thread the filter. The EII lenses are newer versions, before PE, of old E lenses. The two I know are the 75 and the 500. The big difference betwwen E and PE is that the latest are constructed under the MTF theory, providing better optical performance. I think that the only mechanical improvment, except the modern finish, is the step between f stops.

Mike Long , Nov 05, 1997; 09:06 p.m.

In certain focal lengths I believe you will be far better off with the PE lenses. These would include any of the wide angles and the 75. The 100 Macro was brought out immediately before the PE 100 and is said to be the same lens. Also, my 150 MC is good enough not to trade up adn I'd have no problem recommending that one. Also, it works very well with the Nikon 5T and 6T two-element close up lenses.

One exception to the wide angle theory of sticking to PE lenses, I do not know the performance of the 40 MC - others should comment on that one.


Steve Aaron , Nov 29, 1997; 11:40 p.m.

I currently use the E series lenses,50mm,75mm,150mm. They all take wonderfull photos with the 150mm being the best. I have not seen any photos taken with the new PE series , but I'm like you and would like more info to tell if the extra cost is justified.

Ted Brownle , Feb 13, 1998; 03:35 p.m.

I have been using the MC 50mm and 200mm for three years now, and am ahppy with both. I have made enlargements up to 16 x 20 from transparencies shot with both lenses. I especially like the 200mm, but that's my current way of seeing now

Jasmine -- , May 07, 1998; 06:02 a.m.

I wonder if anyone has ever had same comment on Zenzanon lens as I did.

I have been using ETR with 75mm and 150mm MC for some time. I noticed that both lenses give slight yellowish cast over the entire , particularly when you compare them with those taken with other medium format systems (incl. Hasselblad, Mamiya, and Pentax)

I have reported this to Tamron (Bronica's lens builder ???) but no response is received so far.

Well the yellowish cast is slight, but noticeable though. This is not an complaint to Bronica lens as I think different brands may have different optical characteristics.

Just want to hear comments from others.

Thank you very much.

Tak-Ming Leung , Mar 16, 2001; 10:51 p.m.

To my knowledge and experience, the E-II series 75mm lens for ETRS/Si delivers comparable performance as the newer PE series 75mm lens, yet there is a significant price differential. Both lenses feature the latest multi-coating and the same optical design. They are better performers than the old E/MC series 75mm lens, which uses a different design and coating. I've used a E-II 75mm lens extensively and gotten images with great definition, beautiful color and very high resolution. I wouldn't pay the extra for the PE 75mm lens because it is essentially the same lens as the E-II in terms of quality.

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