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Focus Screen for Bronica ETR/S

Alex Gorokhov , Dec 16, 2004; 01:46 p.m.

I am looking for a focus screen for Bronica ETRS. Just bought a body without the screen. If any of you have it collecting dust in the closet or know where to get one, please, let me know.




Pavel Pinkas , Dec 16, 2004; 03:48 p.m.

I assume you checked KEH offerings already :-)

Alex Gorokhov , Dec 16, 2004; 06:06 p.m.

Yes, I have. I do not need ?bright screens? and all originals are rated as Bargain. I am afraid of Bargain rating. Will it have a lot of scratches since they do not affect image quality?

Pavel Pinkas , Dec 16, 2004; 11:10 p.m.

Bargain rating at KEH is about EXCELLENT or EXCELLENT+ on eBay. You can also call them and ask about the exact condition of screens before you buy. They also have very reasonable return policy so all you risk is postage.

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