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Rolleiflex flash connector

Andreas Sigfridsson , Aug 06, 2010; 01:17 p.m.

I have a Rolleiflex (unknown model) with a flash connector that I haven't seen before (or after extensive searching on Internet). Maybe you can help me identify the connector, so that I can find (or make) an adapter to connect a modern flash with a hot shoe connector to this baby.

I identified the flash connector on the image below. As you can see, it is some kind of bayonet connector, but I am surprised that it is female and not male. Also, the size is a bit bigger than I suspect the ASA/Kodak bayonet connector is, but I'm not sure. I have never seen this on any photo on the net. However, the Rolleiflex leather case that I got with the camera has a hole for it, so it does not seem to be added by a third party.

I also identified the shutter release cable connector and an unknown front screw. Has anybody seen such a screw before?

Best regards,


D Purdy , Aug 06, 2010; 03:02 p.m.

Interesting. I didn't realize the older model had the synch connection on the side. That is an old style bayonet connection that I have on a view camera lens. There are adapters that turn that into the kind you are used to. Unfortunately you might have to do some searching with old camera repair people or old camera shops to find one. I have one.. not for sale.

Tom Cheshire , Aug 06, 2010; 07:29 p.m.

You have an Automat from 1937 (not bayonet on top lens).

These were not made with flash synch. so what you have is a camera that was altered by someone to add that flash thing on the side and the unknown purpose screw on top.

Bernard Miller , Aug 08, 2010; 07:41 a.m.

You might have a look at Paramount Cords. They make custom flash cords and if you look through the gallery of various tips they stock, you may see one that fits. Or you could contact them and forward that photo to them, and maybe they'll know what kind of adapter will fit.

If they've got a tip that will fit the camera, they'll definitely be able to make you a cord that will link with pretty much any kind of modern flash gear out there.

Andreas Sigfridsson , Aug 10, 2010; 02:57 p.m.

Thank you so much for the helpful hints. I had no idea it was from 1937. Makes me respect it even more.
I couldn't find it at Paramount Cords, but I'll send them the image and see what they say. Even if it's not standard, they might have the tools to make a cord anyway. But it remains unknown if this is an M- or X-sync contact.

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