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Please read the "about" section for this forum before posting. It's down the page on the right. Due to the fact that here is a lot of crossover with other forums on photo.net, if you can't be flexible about a thread being moved, you shouldn't be posting in this forum. thanks -Josh

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The name of this forum is "Modern Film Cameras" with the goal that it encompass all electronic AE and/or AF cameras. If it uses film and requires batteries to run, it probably has a home in this forum (and this includes point and shoot cameras). It is important to note that there are existing photo.net forums that cover many of these cameras. For example, if you have a Canon EOS Elan II, you are very likely to find the answer to your question in the Canon EOS forum. In fact, due to it's large size and activity, you are probably significantly more likely to find your answer there. But you do not HAVE to ask your Elan question in the EOS forum. You can ask here. However, please do NOT post your question in both forums. Make a choice and stick with it please.
Keep in mind, there are going to be exceptions and judgment calls on some of the topics in this forum. A question about using a particular lens on a Nikon film body might go well here. But a question about the difference between two current vintage Nikon lenses will be better served in and may be moved to the regular Nikon forum as it doesn't have anything to do with use on a "Modern Film Camera" specifically. Part of using this forum is accepting that you understand that. Organization is part of what allows photo.net to be as helpful of a resource as it is.

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