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Columbia river headwaters, British Columbia

Jeff Moag , Aug 06, 2001; 11:27 a.m.

I'll be travelling in the Glacier-Banff-Jasper corridor next week. I'm planning a couple overnight canoe trips along the way and will be picking up the canoe from an outfitter in Invemere, BC, near the Columbia's headwaters. This is supposed to be the largest continuous wetlands in North America, with hundreds of bird species and other wildlife. That's as much as I know but would like to hear more. Can anybody who's been there give me the photographic Beta for this area? I'm most interested in scenics and large mamals, since I won't have the lenses for birds (200mm is my longest glass this trip.)

Later in the trip I will spend time in/around Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper, including a conoe trip on the Bow from L. Louise to Banff, and possibly another on the Athabaska in Jasper. Any photo-specific info or advice on those areas also appreciated. Thanks, folks.


Les Orme , Aug 06, 2001; 12:48 p.m.

You should take the time to head up towards Golden. The road follows the river and is not to long a trip from Invermere ( an hour or so) and should offer you some nice shots. Also your canoe trip from Lake Louise to Banff is a nice one but I prefer Banff to Canmore ( I have done both many times). You put the canoe in below Bow Falls, near the Golf Course in Banff. It is more scenic than the other. You can come out of the water right in Canmore. The only thing is it is a shorter trip (about 3 hours). If you decide on trying this be careful when you put in as there is a small river flowing into the Bow and where they meet is a little tricky (I have tipped there, but only once) head straight at the bump in the water and you will have no problem. All in all avery scenic area. Enjoy.

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