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The most beautiful places in the world?

Min Wong , Feb 02, 2005; 04:40 a.m.

Can you list 5 places you think are the most beautiful in the world for photography? From number 1 to number 5. Let's share our view.

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Bonsignore Ezio , Feb 02, 2005; 07:02 a.m.

Just one from me - Urdokas on the Baltoro Glacier, looking at the Trango Towers under a full moon. Sorry for the crappy scanning - I'm not a digital guy.

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Douglas Stemke , Feb 02, 2005; 07:55 a.m.

As I have not seen much nature beyond North America I'd simply list my only location, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Shun Cheung , Feb 02, 2005; 08:42 a.m.

My favorite place is Antarctica.

Antarctic Peninsula

Joel Blacher , Feb 02, 2005; 09:01 a.m.

There are countless; I wouldn't even know where to begin. I will say that if you have a macro lens, you can start with your backyard.

Jon Reades , Feb 02, 2005; 10:25 a.m.

Of the places I've actually seen with my own eyes:

1. Masai Mara/Serengeti (Kenya/Tanzania)

2. Zion National Park (USA)

3. Cape Town/Cape Point (South Africa)

After that we get into stuff that I either don't remember very well because it was a long time ago, or isn't nature photography (i.e. urban). We'll see where Costa Rica comes in that list in just under a month. ;)

Craig Gillette , Feb 02, 2005; 10:53 a.m.

Not necessarily in order (they are different so ranking is somewhat subjective) and again, only places I've been or recall well enough to include.

1. California coast from just south of Morro Bay (Montana de Oro) to Monterey - this would include "Big Sur," Point Lobos, etc. Included because of it's diversity of features, besides land and oceanscapes, you have very diverse plant and animal life.

2. Yosemite, especially the valley. There are other high mountain areas but nothing I've seen compares to the valley.

3. Grand Tetons (speaking of other mountain areas). I'll lump Yellowstone in here.

4. Oregon. Again, wonderfully diverse, from Crater Lake and the Cascade volcanoes, to the Columbia River Gorge, even the high desert plateaus and canyons.

5. The desert southwest (running out of spaces before I run out of places: Again, highly diverse, Zion, Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, how do you choose?

Honorable mentions: Hong Kong from the top of the Peak Tram at sunset. San Francisco.

Peter S , Feb 02, 2005; 11:28 a.m.

This threat threatens to turn into a brag parade for exotic locations we've all been to. With that in mind, here's mine.

1. New Zealand. Every time I visit it surprises me with another angle on its beauty. And the air is relatively haze free, which makes landscapes a joy.

2. Madagascar. It's got everything: landscapes, people, wildlife.

3. New York. Because I hate shooting in cities. New York makes it easy.

Three's enough, I'd have a hard time picking another two standouts from among the many gorgeous places I've been lucky to go.

Upper Tama Lake, Tongariro National Park, New Zealand

Anupam Basu , Feb 02, 2005; 11:30 a.m.

The Himalayas.

A personal man-made favourite though, the ruins of the 2000 years old university of Nalanda in northern India. Yes, somehow I find the burnt red brick ruins stunningly beautiful. Maybe back then nature did not stand in such stark opposition to 'culture'.


Andrew Dawson , Feb 02, 2005; 12:58 p.m.

Just for fun, my most beautiful places to explore underwater, in no particular order: 1) British Columbia (damn cold, but awesome marine life) 2) Channel Islands of California (nothing quite like kelp forests on a sunny day) 3) Fiji (coral reefs and lovely islands--what's not to like?) 4) Grand Bahama Bank (wild friendly dolphins) 5) Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand (haven't been there yet, but top on my list of places left to go)

Oh, and about 10 other places that would be only slightly less amazing... :>)

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