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Glossy or Matte?

Jim Lemire , Mar 06, 2005; 06:29 p.m.

Just wondering how others display their prints. What do you think looks best? Glossy or Matte?

Personally, I have glossy prints (4x6s and 8x12s) made and then frame them under plexiglass (Acrylite, actually). I never really thought about having matte prints made up, but my lab accidently printed me a couple of matte 4x6s and I think they look pretty good. I will probably have them make me up some matte 8x12s to see firsthand, but am interested in others' experience/preference.


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Arnab Pratim Das , Mar 06, 2005; 06:32 p.m.

*ALWAYS* matte for me. If I go glossy at all, I go metallic.

art kramer , Mar 06, 2005; 08:18 p.m.

i always go with matte too, don't like that shine.

pbass wil , Mar 06, 2005; 10:38 p.m.

I happen to have a strong personal preference:

To me, the glare coming off a glossy photo isn't very different than having someone shine a flashlight in your eyes while you're looking at something.

Would you give your 4-year-old a crash cymbal to play with while you were listening to a symphony? I don't like a competing visual stimulus that gets between me and the image itself. Gloss forces you to move around to find the angle that produces the least glare.

On the other hand, glossy prints have a long and venerable history. _Someone_ likes them! Can't argue with that. I guess not everyone is as easily distracted by the glare as I am.

But ultimately it's more important what you like, isn't it? Unless:

Are you interested in what others prefer for commercial reasons?

Ben Rosengart , Mar 06, 2005; 11:12 p.m.

I like matte too. Glossy seems to make colors look more saturated, but I often go for an undersaturated look -- I think of it as looking "older" but I don't know where I get that from.

John Bauer , Mar 07, 2005; 07:12 a.m.

Always Glossy!
Maybe its just my eyes but I have never seen matte looking better next to the same print in glossy.
I print Glossy up to 13"x19" and would never take matte over it.

It all boils down to what the photographer who took the photo likes!

Frank Uhlig , Mar 07, 2005; 09:59 a.m.

Nature forum?

It is simply a matter of taste of the viewer. Some like it hot, some cold. Not really a photographic question at all in my book.

Do you prefer horizontal or vertical format more? Similarly silly to ask: just develop your own taste and he happy you like Chardonnay, or Bordeaux, or ...matte or glassy.

Its the composition, light, rendition, stupid!

Alex Lofquist , Mar 07, 2005; 04:37 p.m.

A glossy print may have the greatest contrast, that can be subdued with a spraying of clear Krylon.

Ma Ho Fong , Mar 07, 2005; 07:41 p.m.

I personally prefer matte, but I understand that some photos may look better in glossy, it depends of the photo. For exemple: a photo of a car will perhaps look better printed on glossy paper because the photo will shine like the car body.

Howard Vrankin , Mar 07, 2005; 08:14 p.m.

I've gone increasingly to matte. There's less care about smudges and finger prints. Twenty years ago I argued glossy for maximum punch. It's largely a matter of style.

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