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Experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly? Here's a place to share your experiences with vendors, service providers, and fellow Netziens.

This is a database for recording experiences with merchants, fellow Netizens, equipment, etc. It is loosely related to the photo.net classifieds

You can also look at all the postings by merchant or by date

Please read the postings, don't just look at the title. Also, checkout who posted the ratings by clicking on their name. There are a number of retailers who now offer to pay users for favorable reviews posted on the web. If you find that a person who posted a favorable comment joined photo.net on the day the comment was posted, and that that is their only contribution to photo.net, you might ask why. It's likely that some of the short, very positive reviews posted in such a way are bogus. Not all of them, but certainly some of them.

Remember that Caveat Emptor applies (let the buyer beware). Do your homework. Don't get scammed. Read the photo.net article Caveat Emptor.

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