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digibest, digi-best : online scam from finland

finetronics, fine-tronics : Any stories??? Has anyone heard about them? One person said they ordered and never got the camera. They are located in finland, and their shipping price doesn't reflect that- it's too low. Also, you have to pay with money order or something. They don't accept credit card. Seems shady to me.

-- Valerie MacCabe, June 22, 2004 Comments I would not buy any equipment from a firm who did not accept credit cards. The use of a credit card offers you a host of protections against fraud and abuse. Walt

-- Walt McKinney, June 23, 2004

Yes, it IS A SCAM. I was just checking it out for someone else. I live in Finland and can verify that the address they give does not exist. The street is an actual one in Helsinki, but there is a northern and southern Hesperiankatu. They have made a crafty combination of taking a street number from northern hesperiankatu (7) and plunking it into southern hesperiankatu. However, Northern is all odds, while southern is all evens... Southern hesperiankatu 7 cannot exist and does not show in the Finnish yellow pages (neither does the name finetronics or any derivatives/versions). Do NOT send them Money!

-- traci birge, July 3, 2004 I placed an order to see what would happen and I got the following response. (I could not help but wanting to know the details of the scam) Thank you for shopping at Finetronics

Grand Total: $1052.99

Please transfer the payment by Moneygram international transfer (not express payment) to our financial manager:

Name: Malceva Tatyana City: Helsinki Country: Finland

Please email us the 8-digit reference number that you received from MoneyGram after the transfer. As soon as we receive this information we will ship your order.

Nearest MoneyGram locations to you:


if it looks to good to be true?


-- JEFF KEATLEY, July 13, 2004

Thanks everyone for saving me from getting ripped off. I was about to buy a D70 from them because of the low price. After reading your email I sent fine-tronics.com an email and asked them to comment on the quotes on this site. Here is the email I sent + the response I received from them (their last line is the kicker): -----Original Message-----

From: sales@fine-tronics.com [mailto:sales@fine-tronics.com]

Sent: Thursday, July 15, 2004 3:45 PM

To: Matthew S.

Subject: Re[4]: NIkon D70

Hello Matthew,

MS> I am interested in ordering but am concerned about the following

MS> website info I found about your company

MS> http://www.photo.net/neighbor/view-one.tcl?neighbor_to_neighbor_id=1

MS> 99170

MS> Please address these comments before I order.

MS> Thanks,

MS> Matt

We tried to talk with this people, but vainly and we are carrying on negotiations with the administration of photo.net to delete this mendacious topic from their site. It's blatant lie and provocation from our unscrupulous competitors.

Anyway, it's only your choice whom you will trust.


Anne, Sales manager mailto:sales@fine-tronics.com

-- Matt SC., July 15, 2004

I hate to say this appears to be another European scam, but it is the 2cd. one I've come across in the last 45 days. The other one was from the UK; I had to send my Money buy Western Union to his manager to some county that used to be behind the Iron Curtain. Western Union says these scams are quite common. It's simple, no matter how attractive the deal,,, don't sent the MONEY. You'll loose it. PebbleHV

-- Pebble HV, July 16, 2004 THe Fine-Tonics website is hosted in New Jersey. (NJ). And the email I received have a return IP address pointing to NJ hosting company. So that means the emails are coming from US. ITS A COMPLETE SCAM. BEWARE or LOOSE MONEY. I asked if I can pick up from them, they said NO. Amit

-- Amit Gupta, July 25, 2004

Can anyone tell me of some good internet firms that sell cameras? I've been looking all over for a D70, and so far not having much luck. I actually had purchased one from A&M photoworld some weeks ago, but after ordering it I had to call to confirm the order and was pressured into buying a number of accessories that weren't included in the original price (although I had understood from their site that these were included). In any case, the final price ended up being nearly double what I had originally planned, so I finally cancelled the order entirely. After that I found the fine-tronics site, and also decided to order it there. I received the reply about having to send the moneygram, which I found odd, but in my eagerness to get the camera for an upcoming holiday I decided to go ahead. I was actually in the post office this afternoon ready to send it, but there was a trainee on duty who didn't know how to proceed, so I decided to go back tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I decided to check up on this company (something I should have done much earlier), and I happened upon this site (and subsequently others) which warn of a scam. Thanks for your postings. I of course am not planning to pursue the fine-tronics deal now, but I wonder if in fact there are any reputable firms out there which any of you have dealt with and would recommend I look into? Thanks. Steve.

-- Steve Smith, July 25, 2004 Warning! fine-tronics is a scam, they got my money and now don't reply to my emails any more.I hope this saves someone else from getting sucked in. Jim Strang

-- Jim Strang, July 27, 2004 Steve. With so many NJ/NY camera shops, If you look they all have a website and a pattern. The 1800 Number goes to one store. A lot of them dont have address or have a PO box. The sell camera, with no US warranty, and if they do , then its NOT MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY . It is their warranty, which is useless after you read all the fine prints. The only Reputed places I found are ( I just bought one ) Wolf/Ritz Camera, Best Buys, Good Guys , Amazon. They all have almost same price 1299/- and 200$ expensive then others who sell with No Manufacturers US warranty. Suggest to buy from these reputed places and not from any ofh the NY/NJ stores. most of them are just offering cheap and no warranty. Fine Tronics Fellow I traced is in Philedephia. Too bad we cannot do anything about it.

-- Amit Gupta, July 26, 2004 Thanks, you saved me a lot of money. I was skeptical and it is nice to have my suspicions confirmed. It is concerning that they are a Google sponsored site. I know that they pay for the side ad but I thought Google would check their credibility.

-- Darlene Lewis, August 1, 2004

I've been recently duped as well!!!! I've already made the payment 5 days ago and still haven't received my camera. The emails are bouncing back I've tried several times to email in last 24 hours. There is no response. What should I do now...?

-- Chitra Mohanty, August 2, 2004

I am not very aquainted with the internet, therefore in looking online for a nikon d70, i found the deal that i could not refuse, yet if i would have looked further i would have known that FINETRONICS.COM was a huge SCAM. i went to word search and typed in nikon d70 and found this offer for 959$. not checking into it so much, i was more excited about my new purchase because i was going to visit my nephew and niece, and couldnt wait to take digital pictures with my new camera!!! when i didnt recieve my camera after the three to six business days that they claimed i would recieve it, i began to panic. i wrote them several emails and there was not even one response. the only way i knew for sure that i was really SCAMMED was by going under word search under "Fraud" and thats when i found this website. i wish there was a more visible way of finding out what companies check out, because there is always going to be someone like me who is NOT computer literate looking for something cheap online. how are we going to shut these fraudulant companies down???? just please if you find a deal too good to be true, and a company that only accepts a money gram or western union(basically anyone who won't take a credit card) DON'T DO IT!!!!!!

-- laurie durham, July 31, 2004 I also was had by them...and I am turning them over to the FBI,state atty. general, US atty general, the local Helsinki Police, and our consulate in Helsinki and also their consulate in Washington....maybe some thing will happen....ANYONE THAT HAS BEEN SCRE_DED BY THEM NEEDS TO FILE REPORTS....Whom ever is running this seems to think they are above the law and untouchable....might need to contact local VOO-DOO GROUPS for help also :o} had to lighten this up a bit. Almost forgot...Anne actually said it had shipped and I even paid for FED EX 2 day...all because I had a job and the customer wanted it all digital...lost my a_ _ 2 ways on this one.... any way the more formal complaints that are filed the better our chances of recovery are....so no matter how embarrassed you are file complaints.

-- ARTHUR SCOTT, August 2, 2004 I am sure glad that I did a google on them. I was very close to ordering. I even contacted US Customs to be sure of any import duty that I would have to pay. But, things that sound too good to be true tend to be just that. I am sorry about any one who has falled into the scam pit. It hurts!

Perhaps a note to the FBI on this would be in order?

-- Peter Kumble, August 6, 2004

I was equally skeptical and did not bite. Now they seem to have changed their name to Digibest..also based (?) in Finland and interestingly enough the sales manager also goes by the name "Anne". I got several replies to emails from 'her' all sounding very nice and convincing but I still wont' bite. They did, BTW, offer the same package for a Credit card for $1400 which would at least allow redress but why go thru the hassel. Too good to be true..so it isn't. M. Rogers, Aug. 14, 2004

-- Mark Rogers, August 14, 2004

I was also looking at purchasing the D70 from digibest.net and had some big flags go up when I read that they only take money orders. Another item that made me rather suspicious, is that I looked up every one of the people on their feedback page, and none of them exist. The odds of not one of them living in the same town anymore are pretty slim. So, no longer planning on paying for the camera, I ordered one, and looked at the header information in the email they send for confirmation. They are sending their email from host68.hrwebservices.net. Which it turns out after a little digging is in Clifton, NY.

They haven't asked me to pay for it yet, and I'm curious who they will request I make the money order out to, but rest assured, this is a SCAM.

I also emailed google at suggestions@google.com to request that at very least investigate this company because they are inadvertently helping them commit fraud. Hopefully they will take the sponsored link off and save a lot of people pain.

-- josh huhmann, August 20, 2004

They have now changed their name to DiGi-Best.Info

-- you (edit your comment), August 26, 2004 Wow, thanks! I read the above thread AFTER I had sent them my money, but thanks to the time difference (10 hours ahead of California), I was able to have the transaction cancelled before the slime picked it up in Helsinki, and am only out the $65 transfer fee charged by money gram. These crooks are slick and seemed to have all of the answers for anything I asked. I am in the process of reporting them to Google and ro any other search engine I can think of.

-- you (edit your comment), August 24, 2004 I have reported them (and all their aliases) to Google's AD-word fraud department, to Nikon USA and to MoneyGram's fraud department. I have also sent an email to their two hosting services (for their email and for their website). I am sure though that these suckers will merely change the name of their 'company' and scam some more unsuspecting folks.

-- you (edit your comment), August 26, 2004 In an email from 'Anne', the sales mgr. at Digibest she offered to sell it COD or credit card for $1400. I don't think one is allowed to open COD until it's paid for. Even so, who knows what the 'camera' would be worth even if it were inside...or even ever delivered for that matter. Wonder if FBI would respond if notified by enough folks. M. Rogers

-- Mark Rogers, August 24, 2004


Ron Ashley , September 03, 2004; 12:01 A.M.

I would just like to say, for those of you that might be looking for a Nikon D70, I attemted to make an order from some of the internet stores that offered "discount" prices, just to find out that I would never "really" receive the camera below the "normal" retail price, after they added costs for items that I know actually come with the camera (like the battery, etc). After thinking I could find a better deal, what I found was, every store that was below market price, was not the kind of store that I wanted to do business with (they lie, and lie, and lie). Same yourself some time and trouble, and buy from a reputable company like B&H or Adorama. They won't try to "jack" the price up by adding on things that already come with the camera and they tell the truth (how much is that worth?). I did end up getting my D70 from B&H and it is a great camera.

Why is the Digibest.net fraud scam, still being allowed to advertise with many web sites?

Ron Ashley , September 03, 2004; 12:34 A.M.

For those of you that are going after the people operating Digi-Best.net, I found the following information, that may be helpful in tracing who is stealing money.

Result for digibest.net --> /usr/local/bin/fwhois digibest.net@whois.internic.net [whois.internic.net]

Whois Server Version 1.3


Registrar: GANDI

Whois Server: whois.gandi.net

Referral URL: http://www.gandi.net

Name Server: DNS1.HRNOC.NET

Name Server: DNS2.HRNOC.NET

Status: ACTIVE

Updated Date: 14-jul-2004

Creation Date: 14-jul-2004

Expiration Date: 14-jul-2005



owner-address: Beverly Thornton

owner-address: 18 Hollowbrook Lane

owner-address: 10567

owner-address: Cortlandt Manor

owner-address: New York

owner-address: United States of America

owner-phone: +1.9145288816

owner-e-mail: 6b74a9cb7ea4b8212ccf9fd3a7afee2d-857178@owner.gandi.net

admin-c: BT440-GANDI

tech-c: AR41-GANDI

bill-c: BT440-GANDI

nserver: dns1.hrnoc.net

nserver: dns2.hrnoc.net

reg_created: 2004-07-14 07:26:25

expires: 2005-07-14 07:26:25

created: 2004-07-14 13:26:25

changed: 2004-07-14 23:20:04

person: Beverly Thornton

nic-hdl: BT440-GANDI

address: 18 Hollowbrook Lane

address: 10567

address: Cortlandt Manor

address: New York

address: United States of America

phone: +1.9145288816

e-mail: tes637drny@yahoo.com

lastupdated: 2004-07-12 14:53:42

person: GANDI Auto Register 4.1

nic-hdl: AR41-GANDI

address: GANDI

address: 38 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth

address: F-75003

address: Paris

address: France

phone: N/A

e-mail: support@gandi.net


914-528-8816 (phone number)

C Thornton

18 Hollowbrook Ln

Cortlandt Manor , NY 105671330

*******Maybe those of you that have lost money, you might want to visit this address and find out where your money is!*******

Terry Erdt , September 03, 2004; 01:02 A.M.

I was about to buy from Digibest but then discovered that the company wants you to use Moneygrams, which are intended for money transfer not purchasing. Here's more info on them, looking up their domain name another way: domain: DIGIBEST.NET owner-address: Beverly Thornton owner-address: 18 Hollowbrook Lane owner-address: 10567 owner-address: Cortlandt Manor owner-address: New York owner-address: United States of America owner-phone: +1.9145288816 Looks like phoney email addresses are used in the dn registration. Another sleezy NYC group.


Ron Ashley , September 03, 2004; 09:46 A.M.

I made an order with Digibest to get an email from them with instructions to send money. The ISP that they are using for email is listed in the information below. Someone that has lost money might want to contact the abuse dept. for the ISP.

Result for --> /usr/local/bin/fwhois [whois.arin.net]

OrgName: HostRocket Web Services OrgID: HRWE Address: 21 Corporate Drive - Suite 203 City: Clifton Park StateProv: NY PostalCode: 12065 Country: US

NetRange: - CIDR: NetName: HRWEBSERVICES NetHandle: NET-216-120-224-0-1 Parent: NET-216-0-0-0-0 NetType: Direct Allocation NameServer: DNS1.HRNOC.NET NameServer: DNS2.HRNOC.NET Comment: ADDRESSES WITHIN THIS BLOCK ARE NON-PORTABLE RegDate: 2002-08-08 Updated: 2003-05-16

TechHandle: JR1716-ARIN TechName: Reyes, John TechPhone: +1-518-371-3421 TechEmail: john@hostrocket.com

OrgAbuseHandle: JR1716-ARIN OrgAbuseName: Reyes, John OrgAbusePhone: +1-518-371-3421 OrgAbuseEmail: john@hostrocket.com

OrgNOCHandle: JR1716-ARIN OrgNOCName: Reyes, John OrgNOCPhone: +1-518-371-3421 OrgNOCEmail: john@hostrocket.com

OrgTechHandle: JR1716-ARIN OrgTechName: Reyes, John OrgTechPhone: +1-518-371-3421 OrgTechEmail: john@hostrocket.com

BK prasad , September 04, 2004; 03:01 A.M.

hey guys has any1 tried to contact the number of the B*tch who registered the webpage ? we should pressurize google into helping us out cuz its googles fault for letting them be a sponsored link .... Google doesnt need the bad publicity ...

Tom Feazel , September 04, 2004; 01:24 P.M.

Wow, I sure am glad I gooogled Digibest. I was about to rush out and pay them for a D70. But this site came up and saved me. Thanks.

Karl Schoen , September 05, 2004; 04:19 A.M.

Let me start off by acknowledging that DIGIBEST.NET IS A FRAUDULENT WEBSITE! IT IS NOT A REAL STORE, IT IS A SCAM THAT WILL ONLY TAKE YOUR MONEY. That said, Beverly Thornton is not to blame. She is not a scammer, nor a leader in some internet crime ring. In fact, she is barely proficient with computers at all, and is a very nice person. She is my aunt, and she?s also a victim of identity theft. Yes, her credit card was used to register for the domain and pay for the cost of the servers, but that was after it was lost/stolen. I honestly don?t know how people found this out, but since this information about her has been posted on message boards like this one, she has been getting death threats and nasty phone calls at all hours of the night from people demanding refunds and threatening to come to her house. She doesn?t know what to do about it. She called me to tell me to make this post, because she was scared to make a post herself, at the risk of provoking further harassment. I?m very sorry to all of you who have lost money to this scam, however, my aunt Beverly is NOT TO BLAME. I assure you, she did not profit from this whole ordeal.

If you don?t believe me, you can call the town of Cortland police department, as they have a report filed and are handling the situation. I would personally like to see the people behind this scam prosecuted, and if you have any information, report it to the authorities. A report has also been filed with the FBI, but I don?t know what they can do about it. If you have any questions, you can email me at RUmathmajor@post.com. I will personally answer any emails I receive on this topic. I have posted this exact message on several other message boards, but you can help me out by copying this message to other boards about the digibest.com scam that I was not able to find and/or register for. Please help, my Aunt is very distraught about all this, and is really afraid that somebody will come to her house.

jeff diamond , September 06, 2004; 10:05 A.M.


BK prasad , September 09, 2004; 01:19 A.M.

The Latest site is Digi-best.biz !!!!! WATCH OUT !! Domain Name: DIGI-BEST.BIZDomain ID: D7620215-BIZSponsoring Registrar: GANDI SARLDomain Status: okRegistrant ID: O-862561-GANDIRegistrant Name: brent payneRegistrant Organization: brent payneRegistrant Address1: 14300 n northsight blvdRegistrant City: scottsdaleRegistrant State/Province: ArizonaRegistrant Postal Code: 85260Registrant Country: United StatesRegistrant Country Code: USRegistrant Phone Number: +1.4805133884Registrant Email: 04ecfd42ae6d498175fb8c5f0d3032d7-864350@owner.gandi.netAdministrative Contact ID: BP1126-GANDIAdministrative Contact Name: brent payneAdministrative Contact Address1: 14300 n northsight blvdAdministrative Contact City: scottsdaleAdministrative Contact State/Province: ArizonaAdministrative Contact Postal Code: 85260Administrative Contact Country: United StatesAdministrative Contact Country Code: USAdministrative Contact Phone Number: +1.4805133884Administrative Contact Email: 0a1addb61b1bbb576b5eec9d7e709ebe

jim fleeb , September 13, 2004; 12:49 P.M.

BEWARE. They have changed their name to SUNLIGHTICS. Same folks, same scam

Amit Gupta , September 14, 2004; 05:10 P.M.

Digibest , earlier FineTronics has now changed their Name to www.sunlightics.net. So they have surfaced again with new name - A Big Scam. Dont send them any money - You will Just loose the Money a Big time.


fallpopia tuber , September 27, 2004; 10:52 A.M.

here is some more background..... Jim Bradley , may 26, 2004; 04:56 p.m. Can anyone tell me if Finetronics.net is legitimate? Has anyone actually purchased anything from them? What is the story with the Moneygram? Why would anyone want to send money to an unknown individual? Any info would help. Thnaks. Jim Answers Bob Atkins (www.bobatkins.com) , may 26, 2004; 06:00 p.m. No, they aren't. This came up some time ago. I'll see if I can dig the old thread out of the deleted bin. It may still be there and I may be able to resurect it if it didn't expire too long ago.... Eureka! Here it is (sorry about the formatting)

Bob Atkins (www.bobatkins.com) , apr 25, 2004; 03:24 p.m. I've noticed "Finetronics" ads are being served by Google to photo.net and other sites. Photo.net has little direct contol over what Google serve, other than the ads should be in the "photo" category. Photo.net does not specifically endorse advertisers served by Google. Some are good, some aren't so good. Photo.net only endorses the affiliates with logos on the Home Page (Adorama, Amazon, Ritz and B&H etc.). These guys you can trust. Everyone makes an occasional error, but these stores aren't out to rip you off. Finetronics have very low prices. Too low. I'd be wary. They are supposed to be located in Finland. They only accept "Moneygram" payment. Their prices are way too good to be true. Their domain name was registed a couple of months ago. All very suspect. I have no evidence or proof that they are bogus, but my gut tells me that they almost certainly are. So this is just a warning. I wouldn't deal with them. Don't be greedy. If a deal seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is. You have been warned. Answers P. Neil Ralley , apr 25, 2004; 06:06 p.m. Bob, as this is unarchived perhaps you should give them an entry in the neighbor (?) section. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bob Atkins (www.bobatkins.com) , apr 25, 2004; 11:37 p.m. Since I have no direct evidence, I'm not sure N-to-N is appropriate. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mikael Udd , apr 26, 2004; 06:51 a.m. Jeps, that site is looking suspect: I am Finnish, and although I do not live in Finland now, I think I know something about the online shops in Finland.

It is strange that the shop is registered in Finland, but they do not have any finnish pages. The prices are also shown in dollars by default, not euros, which is even more strange. I also checked whether this store appear on a much used Finnish price comparing site (pricerunner or similar), and of course it did not show up when searching for the cheapest prices there ...

So either the guys behind this company have discovered a new, revolutionary, to date unknown business opportunity, based on registering & running that company and site in Finland(???) , or then the whole thing is a total rip-off.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steve Dawson , apr 26, 2004; 10:50 a.m. I had a quick look at their site. In addition to the points other people have made, there is no phone number, no physical address anywhere, some links that don't work, and a product range that has only two or three products in each category. It all looks very dodgy to me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G J Moody , apr 26, 2004; 04:01 p.m. It lists the address as: Finetronics Etelainen Hesperiankatu 7 FIN-00100, Helsinki, Finland Agree that this does look suspect. Small inventory, large discounts, high ticket items, no telephone contact, moneygram only, foriegn address, US $ pricing, all email addresses are "generic" aliases. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kwan Soo , apr 26, 2004; 10:03 p.m. I contacted them and here are the responses. I am still awaiting my latest note to them. Cautions noted. kksoo


We are Finland based company, but we sell brand new items for the US market with US warranty. Thank you!


Anne, Sales manager

Hello kksoo,

Worldwide shipping is $3.99 on all orders placed till May 1, 2004. All orders are shipped Federal Express Int. between 24 to 48 hours after order and payment is received. Orders placed Saturday or Sunday are shipped the following Monday. Delivery time is between 3 to 6 business days. For additional $19.99 we can ship FedEx International First (2-3 days). Thank you!


Anne, Sales manager

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J Yee , apr 27, 2004; 01:54 a.m. I sent them an email asking them to respond on this forum. Better to get answers straight from the source. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mikael Udd , apr 27, 2004; 12:57 p.m. I just checked whether this company?s adress is a valid one. It does not exist: There are "Etel䩮en Hesperiankatu 2,4,6,8 ..." and "Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 1,3,5,7,9 .... etc". The streets are parallell and real ones, but there is not such an address as "Etel䩮en Hesperiankatu 7" ... :-)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jerry Hull , apr 27, 2004; 04:55 p.m. Another indication that something is amiss with the Finetronics offering is that they claim the Nikon D70 is IN STOCK and will be shipped within 24 hours. Ever other source that I'm aware of is backordered 2-4 weeks. Jer

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tong lam , apr 28, 2004; 04:38 a.m. One more observation: they have listed some postive feedback. But I can't find any link to leave feedback in their website. Very suspicious. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mary Barton , apr 30, 2004; 12:31 a.m. The last feedback listed was from a "Christopher L. Dumont" in Towanda, KS, a suburb of Wichita. No one is listed by that name in the telephone book. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joseph DiGiorgio , apr 30, 2004; 12:04 p.m. I just got a couple of virus laden emails from two .uk addresses congratulating me for my excellent prose after posing the questions raised in this forum to the finetronics "sales manager". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joe Photo , apr 30, 2004; 06:28 p.m. International FedEx for $3.99? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T Diamond , may 01, 2004; 01:16 p.m. I was recently searching for a place to buy the Nikon D70 and found the finetronics.com site. I felt that the price was too good to be true.... SO I did some research...and they are bogus. I recently attempted to contact finetronics.com with no luck. None of the customer "feedbacks" individuals were listed in local directories, nor is a there a place to add feedback. This sort of thing HAS to be addressed by Law Enforcement, otherwise, it will never end. They have to understand the consequences. I am a State Trooper and sent them the following message via email. "Your site "finetronics.com" is being turned over to the FBI. I'm a State Trooper and realize that your website is a scam. This is being turned over to the Feds since it falls into their jurisdiction. You are violating many laws and I'm sure you will soon be under investigation by US and International authorities. The parties OVER.

Have a Great Day!"

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna doooo, whatcha gonna do when they come for yoooouuuu.......

I'm going to make sure they ARE investigated and the site removed.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bob Atkins (www.bobatkins.com) , may 01, 2004; 01:35 p.m. I don't know if Google are still serving the ads, but if you see one, Google do respond to feedback, so complaints sent to them may help get the ads removed from their rotation. Just click on the "ads by Google" link if you see a "Finetronics" ad, and you'll get the Google feedback/comment form.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nila Sagadevan , may 09, 2004; 12:00 p.m. I, too, found all of the above quite dodgy, but one further issue needs to be covered: US Customs Duty. Finetronic's "sales manager" responded to my query re this point with, "we cover this at our end. There are no additional charges". I find that ridiculous; the product MUST pass through US Customs, where a duty WILL be levied. I can't see these chaps pre-paying duty, thereby further cutting into their wafer-thin (nonexistent?) profits. Further, I find it curious that "Anne" responded to 2 of my 3 emails quite promptly, but has remained perfectly silent on the third (and most vital): my request for a reference in the US who I could call before I wired any funds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hans Murris , may 17, 2004; 02:26 p.m. Bob, I am very grateful for your posting, and warning. And for all those that sent a response to your posting as well! I live in the Netherlands and came on Finetronics site while shopping for the D70. Short questions were answered quickly by them, they even could provide an European warranty. I was about trying to order from them and sent some more questions, because did not feel quite confident. Amongst the questions I asked was one if it was possible to pick up the merchandize in Helsinki, and pay with cash in Euro's, for I work with an airline that have regular scheduled flights to Helsinki - no reply at all anymore. I tried to look up their phone number in the Finisch telephone diary - No Finetronics known! The last few days the site is difficult to reach - perhaps they began to worry???

Thanks anyway for your warnings, all of you! I stick with the reseller in the Netherlands, although it will be some more waiting because of the back order - many people want this camera, because of all the good reports!

Best regards, Hans

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John Shane , may 23, 2004; 11:06 a.m. They are too good to be true. I (I'm embarrassed to say) sent the money. I got good communication up to that point and total silence since. I've written to Google since their ad has now shown up several times. I've asked for help locating the jerks who are pulling this scam. If anyone gets a phone number, address or something I can turn over to law enforcement types, please let me know. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steve Page , may 24, 2004; 06:35 p.m. John Shane - don't be embarrassed - I fell for it, too. I have been trying to do my own investigation and the letter below is a good summary of what I've done so far. The note is to doteasy.com, who hosts finetronics.net, but they have refused to help me (they claim finetronics has not explicitly violated their hosting agreement.) I think I've lucked out - I called my bank (Bank of America), and even though I purchased the MoneyGram with my debit card, they said they would cover me. Make sure you call your bank if you used a debit card. I have not heard back from the various sites I filed complaints with. I'm sure they get thousands of reports. Absolutely amazing how little there is we can do - there must be hundreds of people being scammed and that site is STILL online! Good luck - at least we learned something... --------------- finetronics@excite.com, sales@finetronics.net, sales@finetronics.com, hostmaster@doteasy.com

Domain Hostmaster,

I need to make you aware of fraud being committed through the finetronics.net site you are hosting. The site advertises consumer electronics, but takes shoppers' money and then stops communicating, having never sent the merchandise. Personally, I have lost over $1,000 to them. They were previously hosted by web.com, with the URL finetronics.com. It appears they changed their URL within the past few days.

I have filed complaints with the FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Center (www.ifccfbi.gov), the U.S. Trade Commission's Consumer Sentinel (econsumer.gov), TravelersExpress' fraud division (800.666.3947) and the FBI's National Fraud Information Center (800.876.7060). I will also be filing with the U.S.Postal Service Inspector (Federal Postal Fraud Form #8165) to report this instance of mail fraud.

According to the domain registration I have, Finetronics.net is located at:

697 McCrey Drive Ballston Spa., NY 12020

Administrative Contact - Frank Colin Phone (518) 664-3891

I am providing this domain registration information to the FBI. I would appreciate your assistance in helping me identify, locate and shut down the owners of the site. Please contact me via email at ********@msn.com as soon as possible. I will also try to call you, as well as provide the FBI with DOTEASY's contact information.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Stephen Page

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Response to Finetronics - Verified Fraud - Scam Ryan Hayes , may 25, 2004; 02:01 p.m. I wish I had found this page before I sent $1000.00 bucks to Finetronics! Don't just be cautious about Finetronics. Don't send them a dime. I have verifiable proof that it is a scam.

My guess is they aren't in Finland at all. The tricky thing about Money Gram is that you don't have to be in the same country listed to pick up the money gram. You can be in any city in the world. They must be pretty confident of their scam to keep this thing going. ie the website is still up, they still respond to sales queries, etc.

I'm curious if anyone knows how to trace route where an email is being sent from. You can trace route any web address and if you could bait them to send you an email, you might be able to find out where the email is being sent from.

I too reported this to the FBI and hope that they can catch these thieves!



Harry Geron , may 27, 2004; 12:44 a.m. Over the past several years I have bought much on-line and paid with bankcards, cash, USPS & WU Mos, and PayPal. Many reputable sellers with impressive positive feedback on eBay do not accept PayPal, and heretofore I have respected their policy, However, with the increase in scams it is becoming more evident that PayPal is the only on-line payment system that offers any degree of protection to the buyer, henceforth I will no longer do business with sellers who do not accept PayPal, irrespective whether they are domestic or offshore. If we all made a point of informing sellers that we only pay by PayPal perhaps we could convince them to re-examine their policy. Obviously it is unwise to pay by MO, direct transfer, or cash to any non US seller. I have has some problems with PayPal, but they were not concerned with non-delivery. Whatever fee they charge the seller I am willing to recompense, but if all auctions were so paid it would make no difference in the profit structure, being ultimately absorbed by the buyer.

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