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AJ Richies : pushy seller but seemingly good price

Found Canon 7D listed for $1169.95. Figured it must be gray market but still a great price for that camera body. So I ordered it online through them at http://www.ajrichies.com/CategoryList.asp?CategoryID=10&ManufacturerID=4 on 3 Dec. On 6 Dec, they call me and leave voicemail asking me to call regarding my order and ask for Morris.

I called them and was connected to Morris, who said he wanted to confirm the order. I was already suspicious at this point that it was likely the typical bait & switch routine.

Anyway, he confirmed my address then told me the battery the 7D comes with is only good for 30 minutes and asked if I wanted to upgrade. I told him the LP-E6 is better than the BP-511As I've been using when it comes to mAh and I've been perfectly happy with them, so I was also perfectly fine with the Canon brand LP-E6 battery that comes with the camera. He said that was a "starter" battery and offered to sell me a high capacity one. I laughed and said no.

Next he asked if I wanted Compact Flash cards and I said no thanks because I already have some. He explained that I probably didn't do my research well because the 7D uses a "new high speed" CF card and my current cards would not function in it. He said this even though I never told him what CF cards I currently have. I said I'd take my chances with my existing ones. He said I'd be calling them back after the camera arrives to order CF cards (as if they are the only source for CF cards).

He finally tried to sell me an extended warranty explaining that the camera was gray market. Again, I said no thank you.

I have yet to receive a camera even though the vertical grip, extra charger, and extra batteries I ordered from B&H on the same day have already arrived. I'll follow up this posting if/when I actually receive a 7D.

At least Morris could agree with me that it was a gray market camera. I'll see and let everyone know if the $250 savings was worth it.



Ken Sheide , December 10, 2011; 07:42 A.M.

Following up on my above post. In order to avoid selling me a camera at their advertised price, this company sent me an e-mail the day after I spoke with Morris stating that they do not accept international credit cards. Of course, my credit card is with a US bank with a US address on file.

So I recommend everyone avoid wasting their time with this company unless they want to pay more than market value for any particular item by purchasing questionable accessories like the batteries, CF cards, and warranty I was offered. Don't fall for their deceptively low advertised prices because they won't honor them.

I ordered a US market 7D from B&H.

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