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Horizon Electronics in Union City (SF area), CA : Good Service

Nikon and Canon only repair shop. Web address: http://www.horizon-electronics.com

Took an EOS 28-105 lens with a sticky zoom in to be fixed. I talked directly to the technician who told me that this was a common problem with this lens. Fixed by appling more grease to internal zoom mechanism Also brought in my EOS 630 camera that has seen more than its share of sand. They checked the shutter and meter out while I waited. Everything was fine. I left the lens and camera (for cleaning). A few days later I returned and picked it up. They only charged for the lens.


Chris Mende , April 22, 1999; 03:11 A.M.

I have had Horizon repair my Canon 28-105 lens, also, though it was my fault - I'd dropped it. They have been very courteous and efficient.

Chuck Fry , June 28, 1999; 05:49 P.M.

I have had only good experiences so far with Horizon. Charley Provance is THE MAN.

I took in an AE-1 Program with the dreaded "shutter sneeze", and he fixed that and gave the camera a CLA (clean, lube, adjust). The time to repair had been quoted as 4 business days, but it was done the next day! The price seemed somewhat steep at $100, which is quite a bit more than what some other repair shops on the 'Net quote.

In the following weeks, I took a series of T90s to Horizon for checkup and cleaning. One I was buying from a 3rd party had a loose lens mount, which he tightened up while I watched; he then measured the body depth (lens-mount-to-film-plane distance), pointed out that the mount was tweaked, and that there were other signs that the camera had been dropped. I was not charged a cent, and cheerfully took the camera back to the store to return it.

Next, I took in another T90 I had just bought from a photo.net ad, and he re-shimmed the lens mount and gave the camera a complete checkup, giving it the thumbs-up, again at no charge.

Last, when I came in to pick that one up, I took in my old workhorse T90. While I stood there, Charley did some light cleaning, removed and replaced the focus screen to see if some debris could be cleaned out, checked the lens mount, shutter speed, and meter, and gave it a clean bill of health. Again, no charge.

Charley has also examined a few of my lenses, again at no charge.

So on balance, while Horizon may be expensive for actual repairs, basic checkups seem to be free, and Charley is quite friendly and seems very knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend Horizon to any Nikon or Canon owner.

Lee Shively , November 27, 2000; 09:24 P.M.

My first Canon EOS A2E's command dial broke the day I ordered my second camera body--at two months of age. I sent it to Canon for repair. My second body's command dial began to feel rough and difficult to turn (a sure sign) about one month after the warranty expired. I sent an e-mail to Horizon and got an immediate reply from Charley Provance asking me to give them a call at their 800 number for more information. Since I live in Louisiana, I took advantage and spoke to Mr. Provance. He explained the problem and the parts and modifications to be done. I sent in the camera and, very promptly, had the repaired camera returned, working smoothly. I almost wish my first A2E body would break the dial again so I could have it modified by Mr. Provance and his facility. I trust this place. While the charges may seem high to some people (I think it was about $110.00 plus shipping), I think the cost was a bargain given the service and workmanship.

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