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Nikon 28mm f1.4 AF-D with HK-7 lens hood and step up ring

Norman Morman , Nov 26, 2002; 07:35 p.m.

I had some flare problems with the 28mm f1.4 AF-D, so I bought the lens hood that's designed for it: HK-7. It's a slip-on hood with a little tightening screw, and it costs a bundle.

Of course the lens has a 72mm filter thread. Not a big deal, right? Just use a 72-77mm step-up ring, you might say. But the step up ring doesn't fit under the lens hood even though it's a slip-on hood.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there another lens hood that can be used? 72mm filters are quite expensive, so I'm not about to go out and duplicate all of my 77mm filters.

Happy holidays!


Curt Wiler , Nov 26, 2002; 07:46 p.m.

You should be able to find a generic 77mm wide-angle screw-in hood that will do the job. Your problem isn't unique - except that you already have the larger filters. Many of us have followed Nikon from 52mm to 62, 72, and 82mm before standardizing on 77mm. I use this size on everything except my lenses that take 52mm.

Norman Morman , Nov 26, 2002; 08:09 p.m.


Do you mean a hood that would screw right into the 77mm filter? Do you know how I could find such a thing that's the right size and doesn't cause vignetting?

Curt Wiler , Nov 27, 2002; 02:37 a.m.

Yes, and you have an advantage in that the hood you are looking for is oversized to start with (77mm vs. 72mm). I would try a good local camera store, and take the Nikon HK-7 hood with you. Assuming that it is just about ideal for the lens, you want something with about the same front diameter and total depth.

B&H lists several screw-in wide-angle rubber hoods, and one or more expensive metal ones; but I would try the local camera store first so you can get your hands on it. Note the "wide-angle" hoods are shorter than the others, and there is nothing wrong with rubber (except they may deteriorate after 10 years or so) if you need to go this way.

David Enzel , Nov 28, 2002; 04:32 p.m.

How do you like the 28/1.4 generally? The lens is on my wish list.

Norman Morman , Dec 09, 2002; 12:19 p.m.


The 28mm f1.4 takes very sharp pictures with very little distortion, even at f/1.4. The only question is, do you need the f1.4 speed? It took some practice before I found subjects that benefited from the f1.4 setting. I think I came back with some nice hand-held, night-time photos from Lisbon, which I'd like to scan and post on photo.net.

I plan to post this question in the approriate forum: Does anyone have suggestions on getting 35mm slides onto disk?

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