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SB-600 Flash for Fuji S2 and S3

Walter Kiel , Jun 24, 2005; 04:14 a.m.

Sorry, have to rephrase my last question just a trifle, the SB 600 seems to work fine with both the S2 & S3 Pro, I don't get any preflash, but exposure seems to be adequate for both. I was using an older SB-25 prior, and on bounce flash, the SB-25 does seem to come in with a better exposure with higher ceilings, but I have a feeling the flash is not totally dedicated to either or both? I think that perhaps I have been given some misleading info by possibly a salesperson "making a payday"......any suggestions for a more accurate iTTL flash that could be universal for both? Appreciate.....


Lee Blackman , Jun 24, 2005; 04:44 a.m.

Response to Sorry - rephrasing a question

I think that hte SB-600DX and SB-800DX are the two most current flashes available from Nikon. Probably as good as it gets. If you conserned about reverse compatibility issues, and want to give an older model a try, look into the SB-80DX, but its only A-TTL. Anyway, this link has alot of information about the different Nikon flashes. More than I could find on Nikon's website. http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/NikonF5/Flash/SB80DX/

Richard Williams , Jun 24, 2005; 07:47 a.m.

Response to Sorry - rephrasing a question

AFAIR, neither the S2 nor the S3 is compatible with the latest i-TTL flash system (as used in the D70 and D2x, etc.). The S3 is compatible with the previous generation D-TTL system (as used in the D1 and D100, etc.), while the S2 uses the same TTL flash system as the F80, F100 and F5 film cameras (some people think this is a good thing, see: http://www.lonestardigital.com/S2.htm , though I've also seen claims that this isn't ideal for digital sensors). The SB-600 is supposed to work in all three modes - have you tried selecting different modes (if the camera and flash allow this)?

Richard Williams , Jun 24, 2005; 08:13 a.m.

Response to Sorry - rephrasing a question

Just to clarify that last bit - the SB-600 is compatible with all three (i-TTL, D-TTL and 'film' TTL) TTL modes, but only one of these will work with each of your cameras. For the S3, the compatible mode is D-TTL; for the S2 it's 'film' TTL. Hopefully, the correct mode is being selected automatically (I'm not sure if you can change this manually). It probably won't help to get an older flash, since the Sb-600 is already backwards compatible with the older TTL modes.

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