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Authorised Nikon Dealers in Singapore

Cham Saranasuriya , Jul 12, 2005; 10:58 a.m.


I will be intransit in Singapore for a few hours this weekend. Interested to find out reliable authorised Nikon dealers to have a look around. I am keen to look at F6. Cathay Photo which I have been before does not have stock. Please help.



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Gan Esh , Jul 12, 2005; 12:29 p.m.

I think there are Authorized Nikon Dealers at the duty-free section of Singapore Int. Airport. But their prices may be higher than those in the city.

Get into a cab and tell the driver to take you to Pininsular Plaza. Tons of camera shops over there. The biggest and probably best authorized dealer is Cathay Photo on the ground floor. Ask the information counter if you're unable to locate them.

You may find that prices at Cathay Photo are slightly higher than the surrounding shops, but they are an established company with probably the largest customer base for professional/prosumer SLR cameras in the country. Just remember to ask about international warranty?

What models are you interested in? coz I can give them a call tomorrow and get prices for you. (in Singapore dollars)

Have a safe flight and happy shopping.


Cham Saranasuriya , Jul 12, 2005; 06:21 p.m.

Hi Gan Esh,

I am contemplating on buying F6, 28mm/F1.4. I gave a ring to Cathay Photo, Marina Square SC where I have bought stuff before, thay said that thay are out of stock. May be there's stock at Peninsula Plaza. Appreciate if you could check the prices.


Gan Esh , Jul 13, 2005; 02:34 a.m.

Sorry but Cathay in Peninsula doesn't have any F6's in stock as well. When I bought mine they told me that they bring in very limited numbers becoz not many epople are willing to pay around 3200 SG dollars for a film based slr these days. When strong does arrive, they are usually reserved for pro/semi pros who still work with film (thats how i got mine).

I actually live in Malaysia but work in Singapore on an assignment basis. I don't have any assignments there this week, so I won't be able to travel in to check out other stores for availability.

You could go to www.nikon.com.sg and check the list of dealers (lots). Get their tel/fax numbers and contact them for price and availability.

You can also get nikon's suggested retail prices for lenses and bodies. Wide-angle and short tele lenses are usually 10-15 percent cheaper at dealers than those stated on the website.

Hope this helps. Cheers!!

Gan Esh , Jul 13, 2005; 02:45 a.m.

Also just want to add my 2 cents.

Unless you are a pro/semi-pro who has a lot of assignments and photographs in harsh conditions, the cost of the F6 may not be justified (unless you're a rich man or a rich man's son).

The f6 is a great camera, don't get me wrong, but its a film camera, which is basically a box that store's film. A F100 may be a better alternative, or you could get a d100 , d70s.

Best of Luck!

Cham Saranasuriya , Jul 13, 2005; 04:15 a.m.

Gan Esh,

Thanks for all the tips and information.

Cheers, Cham

Cham Saranasuriya , Jul 13, 2005; 05:34 a.m.

Gan Esh,

I just checked Lord's Photo in Lucky Plaza got F6 in stock. What is the reputation of this store. Thanks again.

Cheers, Cham

Shun Cheung , Jul 13, 2005; 06:36 a.m.

Cham, are you just looking for will actually be buying? If you are just looking, the reputation of the store doesn't really matter, does it? :-) If you are actually buying, well, since you are buying it in person, the reputation doesn't really matter, either. I would verify that everything is working fine while you are there, though.

I am not sure that it is a good idea to buy an expensive SLR while only having a few hours in transit in a city, though. Should you find any problems in the following week or two, it is impossible to return/exchange.

Gan Esh , Jul 13, 2005; 10:27 a.m.

I'm not too familiar with that store, but Lucky plaza is also a place with quite a number of camera dealers. Its in Orchad Road though, the official 'shopping district' in Singapore, with all the Armani and Cartier boutiques, so prices may be a bit high because of the rental these shops have to pay. But I may be wrong. What kind of prices did they charge?

Regarding reputation: I recommended Cathay Photo becoz I've never had any problems from them. You can test any camera at the store to see if its working, but problems may arise when you get home, or even a week later. A few years ago I bought a Canon 1v body at Cathay Marina. A few days later, it just died. I took it to back to Cathay, they held onto it for a day and asked me the next day whether I wanted it sent to Canon or a new body. (I got the new body). So you could say I trust them. It also maybe partly due to the fact that I've had a long relationship with them.

I agree with Shun that it is a risk to buy in a foreign country when you'll only be in transit a short while. Also, its a fact that one in every hundred or thousand cameras that are mass produced will be defective.

Will ask a few of my mates tomorrow if they know anyone at Lord's Photo.


P.S.... you may want to enquire if they have all the relevant accessories you may want for the F6, such as rubber eyecup DK-19, diopter lenses (if required) and focussing screens. Recently, I've had to wait a couple of weeks for certain accessories to arrive (77mm L37c filter for my 85mm, eyecup for my fm3a) . Wasn't a problem before, maybe its a case of more demand than supply.

Cham Saranasuriya , Jul 13, 2005; 10:36 a.m.

I will eventually buy F6. The question is when?

I have been to Cathay, Marina few times years ago and never had problems. Over the last few years I have shopped in Hong Kong where there seem to be all the items in stock in contrast to Singapore. Man Shing in Hong Kong virtually got everything!

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