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use monitor as viewfinder Nikon D50

William Hopson , Oct 15, 2005; 01:51 p.m.

Aloha Folks! Long time since I've signed in. A few health concerns (Total Knee Replacement Malfunction) and a trip home to Oahu, **Pix forthcoming!

I am afraid the Alzheimer?s has crept in as I cant for the life of me remember how to turn on the monitor on my D50 and use it as a viewfinder! I have read the manual cover to cover & still nada!

Would someone please assist a broken-down ol photog with a page # or? Mahalo Folks!.................Scott


Jeffrey Moore , Oct 15, 2005; 01:57 p.m.

You cannot use the monitor on a DSLR as a viewfinder; at least not in the same sense as monitors are used on digicams.

Edward Ingold , Oct 15, 2005; 01:59 p.m.

The D50 is a single-lens reflex - you cannot use the LCD monitor in real time. The viewfinder is completely optical, through the lens, using a mirror which flips out of the way when you take a picture. At all other times, the sensor is covered by the mirror and a shutter.

Calderon Erick , Oct 15, 2005; 02:32 p.m.

Hi William, I just came back from a trip to the local WalMart to replace the battery on my digicam. I had so much fun although the lady at the counter was very mean to me. Then I headed back home and finally got home. Pictures of my trip will be posted later.

By the way, you cannot use the TFT screen as a constant realtime viewfinder. It can only playback images once they have been taken.

Ruijie Li , Oct 15, 2005; 05:02 p.m.

The only DSLR that can do that is probably the 20D Astro photo version.

Berg Na , Oct 16, 2005; 12:28 a.m.

As others have pointed out, you cannot use the D50 LCD as a viewfinder, the sensor is blind until the mirror is flipped out of the way. About the Canon 20Da, it's designed to be used with telescopes, and has a special preview mode to help with the image focusing, however the LCD only displays 5 to 10% of the frame, so you still need to use the optical viewfinder to frame the image.

Walter Schroeder , Oct 16, 2005; 07:46 a.m.

So the good thing about it is you (still) have no Alzheimer's ^^

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