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What is NAS?

lake 0571 , Nov 08, 2005; 07:17 p.m.

I sometimes read/heard this phrase but am always wondering,is it something of a disease?


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Ilkka Nissila , Nov 08, 2005; 07:18 p.m.

Heh, it's "Nikon Acquisition Syndrome", means that you collect unrational amounts of Nikon equipment.

Shun Cheung , Nov 08, 2005; 07:20 p.m.

It certainly is a disease. :-)

Constance Cook , Nov 08, 2005; 07:29 p.m.

Come to a twelve step meeting. We'll let you know the time, location and date.


Gary Watson , Nov 08, 2005; 07:36 p.m.

NAS: You're Either in Recovery or Denial

There are NAS Chapters in most major cities. It's a condition that gives new meaning to the term pandemic.

Kevin Mayo , Nov 08, 2005; 07:42 p.m.

Painful to my wallet

David H. Hartman , Nov 08, 2005; 07:57 p.m.

It’s delightful, it’s totally benign.


Dave Hartman

NAS is not evil; NAS is good! (sm)

KL IX , Nov 08, 2005; 08:01 p.m.

NAS is a disease that sometimes leads to another disease known as NLS ("Nikon Liquidation Syndrome").

Greg S , Nov 08, 2005; 08:34 p.m.

If you find yourself already looking forward to the DnX and Dn00, you have it bad.

PS: the Dxx filter is a real hoot... somebody has too much time on their hands. :)

Lee Hamiel , Nov 08, 2005; 08:36 p.m.

In order to qualify for help you need to have more bodies than your two hands & two feet can operate at one time. Also helps if you have 3 or more versions of a 50mm lens, multiples of the same extension tubes, more flashes than connecting cords (minus slaves), more than one issue of the Nikon compendium ...

Also - if you wake up the next morning & are not sure why all does not seem right ... perhaps you bid on too many film bargains on ebay last night & it's very important to wait until the third cup of coffee before you look to see if you won them all ...

Lastly - there is never buyers remorse - all is good :)

Lucky for me I have two sons and one daughter I can either give items to or always sell if need be. Waiting for my other daughter to get caught in the mix:)

Best part of NAS whether you are male or female is that the next morning you don't wonder "what was I thinking?" You simply smile & are glad that you don't suffer from LAS which would be the Leica version:)

If you ever feel a need to be cured then start craving a digital back for a medium format camera - does not always work but it's a start!

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