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What's the maximum size of CF Nikon D100 can work with?

Michal Kruszewski , Feb 23, 2006; 05:06 p.m.

What's the maximum compact flash Nikon D100 can work with? I think about buying Seagate 8 GB Compact Flash and wonder whether it will work?


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Paul Nance , Feb 23, 2006; 06:04 p.m.

If your D100 has the FAT32 upgrade it will work with the Hitachi 4gb drives. I see no reason the Seagate 8gb, also FAT32, would not work as well. Its not on the list, but it is a fairly old model at this point.

Jon Curtis , Feb 23, 2006; 06:36 p.m.

Bigger is not better. Do you really want that many images on one card? What if you lose it, break it, or even corrump it. On a 1 gig card you can already get 103 images. Thats a lot in spot already.

Mani Sitaraman , Feb 23, 2006; 07:20 p.m.

On 8 Gigs, you'll get around 800 uncompressed RAW pix, many more jpegs... Think of whether you might be better off with four 2 gig cards, instead. It takes but a split second to switch CF cards, and do you wan't all your eggs in one basket?

dennis lee , Feb 23, 2006; 09:45 p.m.

I agree with the guys above Michal. I'm on a D2H shooting RAW and FineJPG and I actually prefer my 1GB cards over my 2 GB card. Too much stuff... (well over 200 shots for me on the 2). If I'm on a job the 2 GB is fine, but for daily use I'm finding it a bit overwhelming to keep track of a large variety of shots. So I'm trying to download the days take more often than not, and with the big card on board... well, I'm just not that industrious.

Arnab Pratim Das , Feb 23, 2006; 10:47 p.m.

FWIW, if you backup your images on CDs, it makes sense to buy the 512MB cards. If burning on to DVD-R, the 4GB cards are preferable.

I try to match card capacity to my storage media capacity because I do my initial screening in-camera -- so I burn all images in the card.

Greg Lyon , Feb 24, 2006; 12:51 a.m.

Michael, just make sure your D100 has firmware 2.0. That includes the FAT 32 upgrade which lets the D100 use larger than 2 gb cards.

Michal Kruszewski , Feb 24, 2006; 05:40 a.m.

Thank's for all advices. I'll consider all of them. I thought about bigger card as I think about wondering out of road without having possibility to save it on disk. I also considered 8GB because it is much cheaper then 4x2GB or 2x4GB. But I see that I should think it out again

Shun Cheung , Feb 24, 2006; 11:24 a.m.

I just put a 4G Sandisk Extreme III CF card into my D100, with original firmware version 1.1, and it is showing 410 raw capacity.

I am comfortable using 4G CF cards. However, I wouldn't use microdrives with such high capacity.

Joseph Wisniewski , Feb 24, 2006; 04:19 p.m.

Michal - I don't go near microdrives. I'd rather have flash cards (they don't disintegrate if you drop them). The prices on 4 gig SanDisk Ultra II are too low these days to resist.

Mani - "It takes but a split second to switch CF cards, and do you wan't all your eggs in one basket?"

Like many people, you've confused the eggs and the basket.

The primary failure modes of CF cards are getting a clogged socket on the card that bends a pin in your camera or CF reader (which disables the camera or reader), and electrostatic discharge through card into camera or reader (which could disable card, camera, or reader). The way to reduce the risk of either of these events is to swap cards less often, and the way you do that is buying larger cards.

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