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SD memory card for Nikon D80

Gus Ziovakis , Sep 03, 2006; 10:43 a.m.

Hello, Could you remommend what brand/type of a SD memory card I should get for my pre-ordered Nikon D80. I would probably get 2GB card, unless you think this would be insuficient enough for this type of SLR camera. Thanks for your suggestions.


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Elliot Bernstein , Sep 03, 2006; 12:12 p.m.

Office Depot has a SanDisk 2GB Secure Digital´┐Ż Memory Card for $49.95 (on sale this week).

I am expecting my D-80in 2-3 days and am going to buy one of these cards. I believe the price is good for a 2GB.

Vincent Lucas , Sep 03, 2006; 12:18 p.m.

Dave Lee , Sep 03, 2006; 12:19 p.m.

Yes but it PQI a good brand? I tend to stick with Lexar, Sandisk or Kingston.


Shun Cheung , Sep 03, 2006; 12:32 p.m.

Do you prefer the cheapest card or the more established brands? I too tend to stick with Lexar and Sandisk. One 2G should be fine to get started although in these days I prefer to use 4G cards.

Vincent Lucas , Sep 03, 2006; 12:32 p.m.

PQI is very good, at least to me. I've used them successfully for several months with my D50. You're paying for the "name" by buying those other brands IMHO. AND for the price quoted, it's pretty negligible again, IMHO.

Vincent Lucas , Sep 03, 2006; 12:44 p.m.

Will the D80 support a SD 4Gb card? I know my D50 will only take up to 2Gb cards. . . .

Jerry Litynski , Sep 03, 2006; 01:15 p.m.

The OfficeMax chain had three 1 GB 'PNY' SD cards for less then $70.00 with the 6% sales tax added in.

Generally, if it is made in Japan (PNY is,) the SD card should work fine.

Allan Chen , Sep 03, 2006; 01:20 p.m.

The D80 supports SDHC, so it can even take the new 8GB one announced at Photokina.


Shun Cheung , Sep 03, 2006; 01:21 p.m.

Rob Galbraith has tested the D80 with at least one 4G SD card:


If you mainly take casual shots and don't care whether you lose some shots, you can buy any brand of memory cards, and even Lexar and Sandisk fail occasionally. If you do care about your photography, I would gather more info before relying on those unknown brands.

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