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How to convert from RAW to JPeg

Tanya Du Toit , Jan 25, 2007; 07:59 p.m.

Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me some idea about converting my RAW pics to JPeg. I have a Nikon D200 and love it. Am using Pictur Perfect that came with the camera and it is so easy for a computer novice like me. My Photoshop remains on the computer but just seems so overwhelming that I don't know where to start (so forget that for the moment). Can I convert my images taken in RAW and transfered into Picture Perfect for enhancing, into Jpeg format through picture perfect? If not, what can I do with them? If so, HOW. I need to be lead by the nose on this one so ANY help is appreciated. I really want to move into supplying stock photography sites (see whether I'm able to) but they only accept Jpeg. Kind Regards, Tanya.


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Michael Axel , Jan 25, 2007; 08:03 p.m.

Any image editing software (including PhotoShop and even Nikon's) can convert the raw image to JPEG so long as it can read Nikon's NEF raw file format (often requires a plug in). There are batch converters, but one way that works in almost every program is to open the .NEF file (RAW file), then go to File | Save As (Assuming Windows), and save it as a JPEG image. Sometimes you have to convert it to 8 bit before you have the option to save as JPEG, and you can't save it to JPEG if it has layers.

Tanya Du Toit , Jan 25, 2007; 08:17 p.m.

Having a Mac reduces the amount of help I can get- there are way more PC users out there! There is no Save as listed in the file section of picture progect either. Thank you for your quick response.

Erik Loza , Jan 25, 2007; 08:25 p.m.

Au contraire.... Working off a Mac is far from a handicap. In your case, Picture project is the problem. If you don't care for Photoshop, I believe that Aperture has an NEF decoder. Good luck.

Tanya Du Toit , Jan 25, 2007; 08:31 p.m.

I love using my Mac-the only handicap is that there aren't more Mac users out there! They don't know what they r missing! I guess I have to bite the bullet and learn how to navigate around Photoshop. I have just loved the simplicity of Picture Perfect, but alas, it is not really perfect. So next I ask, how do I convert from RAW to JPeg in Photoshop?

Erik Loza , Jan 25, 2007; 08:35 p.m.

"Save As" JPEG (or whatever you want, actually...)

Erik Loza , Jan 25, 2007; 08:38 p.m.

I got somewhat ahead of myself on that answer.... Nikon Capture has a Photoshop plug-in (or maybe it's the other way around?) that gives you an option of converting to 8-bit or 16-bit for Photoshop and defaults to TIFF. You could then do what I just said ^^^^^.

Hugh Davis , Jan 25, 2007; 08:55 p.m.

Something's not making sense here. Erik, did your D-200 come bundled with 'Picture Project?' I thought they all came with Capture. Tanya, what is "Picture Perfect" and are you sure it came with the camera? HWD

Bill Keane , Jan 25, 2007; 09:31 p.m.

I use Picture Perfect to convert using the EXPORT feature. It will ask you how and where to Export (in your case, as a JPEG -- to what ever file you designate).

So create a new file ahead of time, and when prompted, tell it to export as a JPEG. I would uncheck the box that limits the size of the file...

Hope this helps.

Erik Loza , Jan 25, 2007; 09:57 p.m.

No. I downloaded the free version of Nikon Capture in order to import 8-bit NEF files into PS. There was some trial version of something on the CD, but I had no use for it.

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