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How to register a lens??

James Calron , Oct 17, 2007; 05:38 p.m.

So I know you can go to NikonUSA.com and register your lens, which is what I did, however, I also notice that with the lens are both a postcard that says you need to complete and send in within 10 days. Along with this is another little sheet packet that says you must fill out and send in with proof-of- purchase. So my question is, if I register the lens online, is that all I have to do in order to get the 4 years extended service coverage? Or do I need to send in the post card as well as registering online. Thanks in advance.


Don Cooper , Oct 17, 2007; 05:59 p.m.

I believe the online registering is not necessary and provides no protection not already covered under US law. However the extended 4 year warranty card must be mailed in to obtain the extended coverage.

Frank Uhlig , Oct 17, 2007; 06:17 p.m.

Can you sit and listen to what their 800 number will tell you; or do you have a postage stamp for mailing the stuff in? Why not?

Jerry Litynski , Oct 17, 2007; 08:49 p.m.

You may also go to


and register any Nikon USA product (I think.)

No stamps and you may sleep better at night.

Lisa B , Oct 18, 2007; 02:12 p.m.

Don't forget that you do NOT have to register the lens to get the full 5 year warranty! Registrations are just a way for companies to gather marketing/demographic info on their customers and some company even sell this information to 3rd parties. If you want to minimize junk mail, SPAM, and telemarketers, I suggest never registering a product. All you need is your receipt in order to use the warranty.

James Calron , Oct 20, 2007; 08:15 p.m.

^^^^ But it says on the sheet that you MUST mail in the form within 10 days in order for the 4 year extended warranty to be valid....are you saying this isn't legal and that my warranty will still be good? Because it says it is ONLY good if you mail in the registration card along with a copy of the receipt.

Mark Newcombe , Nov 04, 2007; 01:34 a.m.

Just post it in mate no biggy, if you are an nps member they will record the details aswell when you put your gear in for any work. Take all the warranty you can get is my thoughts on the whole thing and if that means posting off a card or what ever just do it.

I also list my gear on my insurance which help me sleep at night.

Cheers Mark

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