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Nikon SC-18/19 Sync Cords

Harry Joseph , Aug 18, 2008; 11:24 a.m.

Does anyone know where I can purchase a Nikon SC-18/19 Sync Cord ? The "18" is 5 feet in length and the "19" is appoximately 9 feet in length. I looked all over ebay, but nobody seems to have it except in the UK. I would like to get into Macro work this year before the end of the summer.

I have two Nikon SB15s(still one best little flashes ever built) a Nikon FE2( although an F3 would probably be better suited for this, due to the mirror lock-up) and a PB-6E extension bellows with various extension tubes. I also have a cheapo 4 Way Macro Focusing Rail Set with Fine Control that I purchased from Hong Kong(it works). So far have 1 "John Shaw" type clamp for a small flash that attaches to the tripod and extend about 12" from the bellows body. I think I purchased it from Really-right-stuff, but another clamp would allow a 2 flash set up. That's why I'm looking for a SC-18/19 so that I sync both flashes together.

If anybody is into Macro and can give me some recomendations other than the Sync cord it would be greately apppreciated.


Richard Meyers , Aug 18, 2008; 12:12 p.m.

Harry, as this technology is about 20 years old, most of the components have long since been replaced by newer components.

Best bets to find them are:

- Photonet Classifieds

- eBay (I saw a SC-17 not too long ago)

- Your local electronic 'classifieds'

- Nikonians.com Classifieds

- If you haven't done so, just google SC-18

Or you might just use PC cords and 'do the math'.

Good luck

Harry Joseph , Aug 18, 2008; 01:44 p.m.

"Harry, as this technology is about 20 years old, most of the components have long since been replaced by newer components."

It looks like I might be able to use the SC-15 which they still sell at B&H. Also there is the TTL SC-27 & SC-28 which look like replacements for the SC-18/19. I'll call B&H and find out. Or I might just have to use a PC cord and do the 'Math'. It's just more fun doing it the old-fashioned way !

Richard Meyers , Aug 18, 2008; 05:49 p.m.

Using google I found

the SC-18 here


and the SC-19 here


Prices are about double what I paid back when these items were 'new technology'. Of course the dollar was worth more back then.

At those prices you might check out the Nikon SU-4 slave. You would need two -- one for each flash. You would also need a small inexpensive flash to put into the hot shoe to trigger the SU-4's. It's a cordless solution but slightly less reliable than cords.

Harry Joseph , Aug 19, 2008; 01:50 a.m.

Great Googling Rich Thanks !

Tom Thumbnail , Dec 12, 2010; 03:44 a.m.

Is the Nikon SC-18 or -19 functionally any different than any other Male to Male PC cord made by any manufacturer?

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