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D80 or D3000

Ali Rezaeian , Sep 15, 2009; 08:53 a.m.

Hi , i am a macro photographer & i want upgrade my camera (Panasonic FZ7) with a DSLR. I have 2 choices in DSLRS with CCD sensor (Nikon D80 & Nikon D3000). D80 is a old body but great camera & D3000 is a new camera with new technology. Therefore i could not choice simply between these cameras. So please help me in this choice.




Andy L , Sep 15, 2009; 09:10 a.m.

Seriously, you're going to start two threads? Why not just one that says "Which of these three cameras should I get?"

Wouter Willemse , Sep 15, 2009; 10:12 a.m.

We can only help you partly in the choice. The D80 and the D3000 are quite different bodies. Go to a shop, hold a D3000 and see how that feels in your hand. Hold a D90 (this body is nearly identical to the D80) and see how that feels in your hand. Check the viewfinder for differences.
Another important point: the D80 will autofocus with non-AF-S lenses, the D3000 will not.

What is the "must" about a CCD sensor anyway? I took some macropictures with a CMOS sensor, and it works just fine?

Shun Cheung , Sep 15, 2009; 11:04 a.m.

The D80 and D3000 use the same sensor and same AF system. The D80 will give you a better viewfinder, which is a major plus for macro.

However, if you indeed shoot a lot of macros from a tripod, I would get something with live view, which is a great help for macro work. In other words, look into a D90 or even a D5000. The D90 has a much better LCD on the back, though.

Leo Grinberg , Feb 08, 2010; 11:35 a.m.

I would like to hear your opinion on this. I can get D3000 kit with 18-55 vr lens and some extra( bag, 2.5x telephoto lens, etc.) for $350 or D80 with the same lens no extras for $400. Which one?

Both of the cameras are used. I'm not going to be pro in photography and I'm not even trying. I'm not going to buy lot of lenses. I just want to get good camera with 1 or 2 lenses, that is it. I don't know if $50 extra will give me something I will never use. Some concerns I have with D80 that it doesn't have anti-dust feature like D3000 has, but it is more professional camera with lots of feature. D3000 seems to have a better AF system. How the noise on those two on HI ISO?


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