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looking for one with in camera editing

Kellie McLeod , Jan 28, 2010; 11:47 p.m.

I am thinking of moving away from my Pentax and coming to Nikon. It is a hard step as I know I will have to purchase a new flash, lenses etc. I have been looking at the Pentax K7 partly because of my equipment and I like the in camera effects. Any of the Nikon cameras offer in camera effects like Fisheye for example?


Epp B , Jan 28, 2010; 11:51 p.m.

Exactly what benefit will in-camera processing give you that you wouldn't otherwise have on a computer anyway?

Robert Hooper , Jan 29, 2010; 12:00 a.m.

The Nikon D90 has in camera editing which is one of the reasons I like mine. I shoot jpeg only and prefer to do as much image manipulation as necessary in the camera. I hate photo editing programs and post processing.

Lex Jenkins , Jan 29, 2010; 02:14 a.m.

Ditto the D90, possibly D5000 or D3000. Entry and mid-level dSLRs tend to have more options for in-camera processing for folks who prefer that to photo editing computer software. But Nikon doesn't offer quite the variety of effects available in Pentax and Olympus dSLRs.

Peter Hamm , Jan 29, 2010; 06:49 a.m.

Why are you switching? Pentax makes great stuff these days.

Dwight Sipler , Jan 29, 2010; 09:06 a.m.

IMHO, in-camera editing is pretty much a gimmick. Once the camera is set up to do certain effects, that's it. It's unlikely that a third party will develop new effects for a camera. OTOH, effects are being developed all the time for postprocessing programs such as Photoshop. They can be installed easily and cheaply.

In-camera editing takes time away from shooting. Most cameras aren't really set up for detailed editing like spot effects.

I think you're better off shooting RAW and doing the editing in the comfort of your home or office.

Phil Evans , Jan 29, 2010; 09:21 a.m.

Kellie, I agree with Dwight that it is a gimmick. Your editing needs will quickly grow past your 3 inch screen. Photoshop has a solid learning curve but it will be with you for a lifetime of photo editing.

Jeannean . , Jan 29, 2010; 09:26 a.m.

My D90 does, but I don't use it. As others suggested, editing programs do a better job.

Charles Carstensen , Jan 29, 2010; 11:10 a.m.

Go for the Nikon. You cannot go wrong. When you do, plan to shoot RAW and step up to Nikon Capture NX2. You can have it both ways - RAW and JPG. Look for a used Nikon digital as much as you can afford. Look at the long term range of your investment.

Mary Fenton , Jan 30, 2010; 08:24 a.m.

I think you will be happy with the D90. I have one and its just about perfect in every way. Light. quick, good ISO results up to about 1600 and beyond with some noise software help. Its a big expense changing cameras. I have at times been tempted to go Canon do to the long end..telephotos..being less expensive an great lenses..but I am too invested at this point so I got a third party telephoto from Tamron which I love! Seems there are always compromises in life..so perhaps if you have a local camera club ..you could join and then shoot with someone there that has a D90. That way you are getting an opportunity to try it out. One nice thing about NIkon and canon .there are many more third party lenses available..such as Tokina, Tamron, Sigma. I do not use camera editing much as I have Cs4 but the D90 has all the things you mentioned and then some. One thing to mention, the D90 does NOt have in camera vibration reduction..as in SOny and Pentax..so you will have to buy the expensive lenses for Nikon with VR to get this benefit. Just more to ponder.
Good Luck wih your decision.

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