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Nikon D70S all pictures are blurry

Andy Andress , Mar 02, 2012; 11:53 p.m.

My Nikon D70S has worked great for several years and all of a sudden all images are coming out with as vertical blurs. I've searched the forum here as well as other sites and can't find anyone else who's had a problem like this. I've reset the camera and no improvement.

Does anyone have any ideas on things I should be trying?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Blurry picture


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Dan Brown , Mar 02, 2012; 11:57 p.m.

It's broken.

Look for a clean used D200.

Michael Chang , Mar 03, 2012; 05:54 a.m.

Andy, is the camera showing any error messages? Does the shutter sound normal to you when actuated? Have a look here - might be your problem:

Your sample picture looks like ones from the Sony sensor recall some years ago but I've never heard of D70/70s developing sensor problems.

Alternatively, I've come across descriptions of D70/70s cameras with internal flat ribbon cables dislodging from their connectors. It would be an easy check/fix if you're handy with basic tools.

Rodeo Joe , Mar 03, 2012; 06:36 a.m.

Keep it for special effects. I quite like the look of that example you've posted.

It's probably nothing to do with the shutter, since the exposure appears fairly normal as far as we can tell from the runny pixels. Does the image dribble horizontally if you hold the camera vertical? ;-)

David Ralph , Mar 03, 2012; 01:19 p.m.

The shutter curtains travel vertically. That matches the blur in the image.

For curiosity, remove the lens, set a slow shutter speed, and watch what happens.

The D70s can be purchased used cheaply, probably for less than a repair bill. Look at KEH, Adorama, etc. Maybe time to upgrade to a newer body. Even used. When I got a newer body, my D70s sat around used only a couple of times when my fiance would out shooting with me. Its sensor, low ISO deficits, etc. put it a couple of generations behind what has followed, which are outstanding.

Tom Boston , Mar 03, 2012; 01:38 p.m.

Can you try a new battery? Might be a power problem. The time stamp on the file is 2005-01-01 00:00:41 which could mean the internal battery (for powering the clock) has failed. But the timestamp might have come from the green button reset instead.

And this might be a silly question, but are we looking at the full frame image or a 1:1 crop? The image resembles sensor blooming which is the sort of thing that could happen at 1/15" f4.8 if it's not very dark where you were shooting.

Stefan Gruenendahl , Mar 03, 2012; 08:03 p.m.

Also, what ARE we looking at? What did you try to take a picture of? If it's a red home-knit fringe pullover then the picture is not so bad, actually.

Andy Andress , Mar 03, 2012; 11:55 p.m.

Thanks, everyone, for the input and ideas. In no particular order:
-the shutter does sound normal
-I tried the sticky shutter trick (didn't have anything to lose), but no change
-the time stamp is due to the reset - the time was correct prior to resetting
-I did exchange batteries so it's not a power problem, as well as the memory card, just to check (even though the captured image is the same as the one on the LCD display)
-it's the full frame image with no cropping involved
-I don't know how to get the shutter to activate without a lens on -- is there a trick to this to check it at a lower speed?
-unfortunately NOT a home-knit fringe pullover, so no luck there
-in terms of loose flat ribbon cables, I'm fairly comfortable taking these types of things apart, so if you can send instructions/tips for that, I'd appreciate it
Thanks again everyone -- any and all help is appreciated!

Michael Chang , Mar 04, 2012; 01:40 a.m.

" so if you can send instructions/tips for that, I'd appreciate it"


Andy Andress , Mar 09, 2012; 12:54 a.m.

So I took it apart, checked and tightened all the ribbon cables and still have the same problem. Any recommendations for good used models to get? I've got AF NIKKOR lenses I'd like to be able to use, don't go for many of the special features (leave it on Auto for 90%+ of my shots), and want great quality. Any thoughts?

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