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D300 vs D7000

Anthony R , Apr 08, 2012; 08:27 p.m.

I just sold my D200 and am going to get either D300 or D7000. (Dont have money for D700... sad...)

I have been to pretty much all the links that compares D300/D300s vs D7000 and 80% of the comparison and comments (recommendation) are D7000.

Love D7000 for low light performance and light weight. D200 was a bit heavy but good size although I didnt really mind the size of D7000 either.
For many reasons, I too like the D7000.

However, I still am questioning D7000 (over D300) for these two reasons:
1) Built quality, especially the weather seal. I know D7000 does have partial weather sealing on it but I do lot of storm chasing during summer where I'd be shooting under rough environment. Dust is not a huge concern but I also would like to take that as a consideration.
I want to know if D7000 has enough sealing to it. Has anyone done anything like it? (AND yes, I've seen youtube videos where people shower D7000 with weather sealed lenses :p)

2) I still have 2 batteries for D200 that I sold along with 4GB CF memory card which will be useless if I got D7000. Not a huge deal, I guess I could sell them or whatever but if I got D300, it'll be nice.

I am no pro and since it will be my only camera, getting used to the new settings and buttons won't be a problem and I just dont care for HD Video right now.
I currently own:
18-70mm, 50/1.8, 35/2, sigma 10-20/4-5.6
I am planning to replace 18-70 and 35/2 with 18-200 and sigma 30/1.4.

Let me know what you guys is better choice for me.
Thank you


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Dieter Schaefer , Apr 08, 2012; 10:03 p.m.

I am planning to replace 18-70 with 18-200.

Why - this is certainly a step down in terms of optical quality.
Can't comment on the weather sealing - but if you are in a rough environment then maybe using some raincover or even a simply plastic bag might not be a bad idea.

I would not let the two batteries dictate which camera to buy.

If the small size of the D7K isn't a problem for you, then I don't see a reason not to chose it over the D300. Even though the D300 has the more extensive bracketing range and more AF points - these may or may not matter to you.

Kent Staubus , Apr 08, 2012; 10:15 p.m.

You told us all sorts of things, except what you photo. That's the WHOLE THING--the idea is to match the gear to what you photo.

Kent in SD

Errol Young - Toronto, ON, CA , Apr 08, 2012; 10:38 p.m.

I have both. I recommend the D7k. Lighter but just as well built. Better IQ.
There is no flash pc outlet, other than that a classic. The 300 is slightly older tech.

Shun Cheung , Apr 09, 2012; 12:24 a.m.

I too have both. The D300 has been my backup camera since I bought the D7000. To me, the choice is a no brainer. However, this is photo.net: something that is obvious to me is not necessarily obvious to someone else.

Anthony R , Apr 09, 2012; 12:49 a.m.

Just out of curiosity how is replacing 18-70 with 18-200 a step down?
I never tried 18-200 but I "thought" 18-200 would be better if not similar... (although I guess it could be more glasses = less quality)
Thought about plastic bag but while running around and climbing places it just gets in your way a lot! If I am after something like lightning where I use tripod, yes I used plastic bag on my D200 most of the time, strong winds will just blow everything away :p

Kent, I thought "storm chasing" would give you a good idea what photos I take. Yes, it is true I do street photography as well but, I wanted to focus outdoor, nature/weather photos going after storms...

Errol and Shun, good to hear that both of you own both cameras.
I also believe that D7000 IS much better camera. D300 may be a "pro" body but it is quite outdated compared to D7000. I just am not so sure about it's built quality and weather-sealing. What are your thought on that???

Thanks guys!

Owen O'Meara , Apr 09, 2012; 12:51 a.m.

I own both cameras as well and I love them both. I love the size of the d300 but I love the IQ of the 7K as well as the high ISO performance. I am slowly getting used to the size of the 7K. The build of the d300 is better but if I could only own one of the two it would be the 7K. I am glad I have both and I am looking forward to what the d400 will offer. the upgrade beat goes on.


Dieter Schaefer , Apr 09, 2012; 01:12 a.m.

18-70 vs 18-200: see for yourself: (link) and

Even just considering the zoom range - ~11x vs ~4x - hints on which lens will entail more compromises in its optical design. I actually owned the 18-70 (sold it when I sold the D70 I bought it with) and have also taken some shots with the 18-200 (which I had on order when it first came out and which amazon cancelled my order on after almost a year of waiting - bringing me to my senses to not acquire the lens after all). The only advantage - under certain circumstances - that the 18-200 has over the 18-70 is the VR.

Unfortunately, the price raises Nikon's lenses underwent in the last few years make the 18-70, 16-85, and 18-200 appear quite overpriced for what they essentially actually are - kit lenses. To get a versatile lens to upgrade to from a 18-70 at a reasonable cost - look no further than the Sigma 17-70/2.8-4 Macro OS HSM. If I recall correctly, then the 18-70 when it was introduced cost a little over $250 - nowadays the price is around $400 - and at that price the lens is no match to the Sigma at around $450.

Michael Kohan , Apr 09, 2012; 01:13 a.m.

I chose the D300s over the D7000 last year because I wanted the faster AF, frame rate, build quality, CF card and fit, and especially, I did not want the program dial on the upper left that I so often nudged to a different setting just at the wrong time on my D70s.

ross b , Apr 09, 2012; 01:30 a.m.

I think I would rather have the D300 because it's layout is pretty much like my D200. I checked out the D7000 at CostCo and did not like the the control knob on the left with scene modes and such and I thought the grip was extra fat and uncomfortable. I am not shopping for a camera but I am sure I would be happy with the D300.

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