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Are you still using old technology to take digital pictures?

Mark Stephan , Jan 30, 2013; 07:35 a.m.

Seems most posts are about newer cameras and newer technology. Just wondering how many of you are using older Nikon dSLR's? I'm still using my ancient D2H and D2X. I occasionally borrow my wife's D300s but always go back to my D2X. What camera are Photo.net users using?


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Rodeo Joe , Jan 30, 2013; 07:52 a.m.

This is probably best answered by looking at the range of cameras used to take the "Nikon Wednesday" pictures. Most contributers say which camera, lens etc. has been used.

Martynas Aleksa , Jan 30, 2013; 07:58 a.m.

d700 is a working camera, less frequently and when technically possible - d100 and d200 (due to their pleasing colour rendition at low iso). and there are also the f5 and the fm2, but that's personal :)

Todd Angood , Jan 30, 2013; 08:03 a.m.

I'm still using my D300 with the Nikon battery grip and I love the camera. I'd go broke keeping up with buying the newest latest greatest every 18 months. I also recently picked up a mint F5. Beyond that I sometimes shoot with my 5 year old Leica M8.

Howard Vrankin , Jan 30, 2013; 08:04 a.m.

Older, CCD technology has color renditions that some on other forums rather prefer. For example, older and now-discontinued Fuji DSLR bodies with Nikon lenses have a cult following.

Mike Halliwell , Jan 30, 2013; 08:27 a.m.

I still use my IR converted D50 and D90. I donated my 'old' D80 to my partner for book 'scanning'.

D300 for DX Action, aka sport at a distance.....and D700 for FX Horse Eventing etc.
D3200 for small walkaround. D5100 for nature and architecture. V1 for pocket use.

Shun Cheung , Jan 30, 2013; 08:29 a.m.

I would say use whatever camera (and lens, film, digital sensor ...) that gets you the images you desire. To me, those are merely tools that help me create (hopefully) good images. If an 8x10 view camera with sheet film is the best tool for you, so be it.

I'm still using my ancient D2H and D2X. I occasionally borrow my wife's D300s but always go back to my D2X.

I wonder why. I still own a D2X, but it gets in the way in all sorts of directions in my photography. That is why I haven't used it in a few years. I explained my reasoning back in 2009 and I reposted that a few days ago: http://photo.net/nikon-camera-forum/00bHVE

Douglas Ely , Jan 30, 2013; 08:44 a.m.

Howard, I find your response regarding older Fuji bodies and Nikkor lenses interesting. Would you be kind enough to explain in a bit more detail. and if you are aware of websites that would explain more please advise as well.

Thank you, Doug

Shun Cheung , Jan 30, 2013; 09:29 a.m.

About 10 years ago, Fuji had this Super CCD technology that has two sensors per photosite (per pixel), thus those Fuji DSLRs had excellent dynamic range at that time. For example, wedding photographers who need to capture the groom in black and the bride in white next to each other greatly benefit by high dynamic range. But that technology was superseded by the likes of Nikon D3, D700, etc. 5, 6 years ago.

Kent Staubus , Jan 30, 2013; 09:38 a.m.

My cameras are fairly new, but I sometimes use lenses from the 19th century.

Kent in SD

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