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Nikon D800 Used price...why so low?

Michael Scharf , Jul 11, 2013; 02:27 p.m.

Hi, I've had the D70s, D300 and more recently bought a D700. I paid $1,425 for the D700 which I now realize was super cheap. I figured I could sell the D700 for a profit and buy the D800 for a little more money. I certainly don't need the D800 but I'm always looking out for the resale value and in a few years the D800 will hold it's value a little better. I sold the D700 for $1,750 and have an offer from a guy selling a D800 for $2,000. It is only has 6k actuations and comes with box and in mint condition. Is this a good price. There are people on CL pricing from $2,200 all the way up to $2,600 for the D800. Why is there such a big markdown? I'm thinking that all the pros jumped on the D800 and then decided to go back to the D700. That might be why the D700 is selling used on ebay for almost as much as the D800. Any theory on this? I probably should have just kept the D700 instead of always trying to upgrade. Thanks for any help that you can provide.


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Henry Posner , Jul 11, 2013; 02:46 p.m.

...have an offer from a guy selling a D800 for $2,000. It is only has 6k actuations and comes with box and in mint condition.

That IS a good price. Refurbished by Nikon USA they're $2349.00.

Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video

Michael Scharf , Jul 11, 2013; 02:48 p.m.

Thanks Henry. Any reason why the used price on these have dropped so low so quickly? Is it the overly consuming MP count?

Georges Pelpel , Jul 11, 2013; 02:54 p.m.

I think $2,000 is a good price for only 6k actuations.
As per the D800 markdowns it could be due to the fact that many people went overboard last year when it was released and are not using them or underestimated the cost (moving to FX lenses, size and weight, file size), or that they are upgrading to the D800E. Is the D800E also markdown?
I am plenty satisfied with my D800.

Shun Cheung , Jul 11, 2013; 02:55 p.m.

Michael, may I suggest you sample more used/referb prices? I am very familiar with the D700 and D800 since I own both. I see no reason why their used prices are close. The D800 has been a very popular camera and there was major shortage of it during the first 3, 4 months since its introduction in March, 2012.

Michael Scharf , Jul 11, 2013; 02:56 p.m.

There aren't many D800Es on the CL NY/NJ market from what I've seen so I'm not sure.

How do I check for the left focusing issue? I want to make sure it doesn't have a focus issue before I buy it but it really doesn't bother me at all because I always use center spot focusing. I guess it would just hurt my resale value.

Shun Cheung , Jul 11, 2013; 03:56 p.m.

In these days we have eBay, Craig's List and all sorts of web forums, most people are well informed about used prices, so I don't really believe in "good deals" with low prices. There may be an occasional uninformed seller here and there; if you happen to run into one of those, you are lucky, but most likely, there is a catch.

Clive Murray-White , Jul 11, 2013; 05:26 p.m.

My gut feeling is that Nikon have caused this at least to some extent themselves. I am new to Nikon, as some of you will know, and when I started looking for a new D800 in Australia the price range was ridiculous with as much $1500 between top and bottom price from "Australian" sellers. What I've learned since is that the Co's selling the cheapest new D800s or any Nikon product, aren't really Australian at all and are often located in Hong Kong. The price of a used D800 has to be less than the cheapest new price.

It all gets a little messy for newbies with Nikon's warranty rules, coming from Leica where anyone could get their camera repaired at any Leica endorsed repairer, you suddenly realise that Nikon (Australia) will only look at Nikon products bought from authorised Aus sellers, the rest of us have to send our cameras back to Hong Kong or wherever. The crazy thing here is that Nikon is saying that a Hong Kong Nikon and an Australian one both made in the same Nikon factory are different - and this effects the used market a great deal.

Leszek Vogt , Jul 11, 2013; 06:07 p.m.

Could it be that Nikon is coming out with a fresh whiz-banger ? Just a quick speculative notion.


Andy L , Jul 11, 2013; 06:22 p.m.

I think you got a good price for your D700. I wouldn't have paid that much to an individual when Keh sells them for $1600 in EX+ with a 6 month guarantee. Then if I look at eBay, recent sales of used D800's are in the $2200-$2600 range (and Keh sells them for $2300). So you're getting good deals on both sides.

I think there are some inefficiencies still there in the used market. For example, a lot of people go to eBay without checking real dealers - I regularly get a better deal from Adorama, Keh or B&H than I find on eBay and have even on occasion bought something from a dealer because I knew I could resell it at a profit - and a lot of people have a bias for used equipment, even from an individual they never met, over refurbished. That makes no sense to me at all - I'd definitely take a refurb camera body from an authorized dealer over a used one from an individual.

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