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Zuiko 55mm F/1.2

Patrick Lockwood , May 12, 2005; 12:44 a.m.

I just bought one of these to use with an adapter with my E1.

I haven't recieved the adapter yet, but I was wondering if anyone here has tried this lens on the E1? I realize this will put the FOV at 110mm.

Perhaps I should just get me an OM2, or something.



Graham Serretta , May 12, 2005; 04:15 a.m.

Or something...

Skip Williams , May 12, 2005; 10:04 a.m.

The 55/1.2 was a fine lens, if you don't have the very early versions with the yellow elements. I believe that they used 1970's-style rare-earth glasses, which tend to yellow over 20-30 years, unbeknownst to the original designers. You see the same thing on some 1960's high-speed Leitz lenses. The newer, replacement Zuiko 50/1.2 was a much better lens than the earlier 55/1.2.

I doubt whether it will be great wide open though on the E-1, but I'll bet that the bokeh will be nice, esp if you shoot it in B&W.

I found that many of the MF Zuikos tend to be off-color on my E-1, usually yellowish. You might want to do a custom, manual WB before using them to ensure proper colors.

A nice OM-2 or OM-2n would make a nice partner to the 55/1.2.


J DC , May 12, 2005; 07:15 p.m.

Not sure how the lens will work on an E1 but I've been very pleased with mine to date. It was matched to an OM2 body I picked up in a pawn shop for less than a $100 for the pair. I was more interested in the OM2 than the lens but they wouldn't split them. It's a big piece of glass but provides a super bright viewfinder image. It's more unbalanced on the body than my 50f1.4 which I think is better balanced than my 50f1.8. Maybe what I'm used to more than anything.

I've been quite pleased with it, all in all, and certainly would recommend it. But I think the same can be said of most Zuiko optics.

Rainer Wagner , May 17, 2005; 12:56 p.m.

Hi , years ago I bought my first OM2 with this lens attached. Amazing piece of glass! I used it for concert pics wide open, not bad at all. But then I tried it at the night sky - ok, this is the hardest test you could possibly put a lens through. It failed completely. Only about ten percent in the middle of the picture showed something like stars, the rest showed all sorts of aberrations you can think of. Only at f 2.8 one could speak of reasonable pics. I sold it and bought a 50/1.4 and a 24/2,8 zuiko for slightly more than I got for it.

Since I didnot really need the additional half f-stop and it was not usable for astronomy wide open , it was the right decision at that moment. Perhaps the newer version 50/1.2 is a bit better. But much more expensive also. I had no chance to use one ...

Would be interesting to see some of your results! Rainer

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