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Teleconverter Lens

Kathy Miller , Jun 14, 2008; 01:34 a.m.

I purchased a 2X teleconverter lens to add to my Olympus E-510 40-150mm zoom. They said it would work with the E-510 but when I added it the images are cloudy. When I contacted the seller they said that my camera had to be on the right settings. Does anyone know what those are suppose to be?? or how the teleconverter works added to the 4/3rds lens?


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Harold Gough , Jun 14, 2008; 02:34 a.m.

I can't comment on the E-510 scenario but I have used teleconverters on film cameras (Canon FD and Olympus OM) for about half my shots over more than 20 years and have never found such a problem.

Tommy Lee , Jun 14, 2008; 02:53 a.m.

The Olympus 40-150mm is not a good lens to add 2XTC. First, it is a f4.5 lens. A 2XTC will make it into a f9.0 lens. Auto focus at this speed will be difficult and not accurate or at all. Second, at 150, this lens has just OK resolution. Blow it up by 2X focal length (4X the areas), it will be less then OK.

IMHO, I would use the cost of a TC toward an Olympus 70-300mm (a dandy fine lens) instead.

To get better result with your 2X TC, you can stop the lens down by at 1-2 stop (on a sunny day) at ISO 400. This is properly what your seller is refering to.

Tim O'Donoghue , Jun 14, 2008; 10:33 a.m.

Check with the manufacturer of the converter. It's possible that you'll need to focus manually with the converter in place.

Gerry Siegel (Honolulu) , Jun 14, 2008; 02:10 p.m.

I own one teleconverter, Kathy. The EC 14 made by Olympus. It does really well on my 50mm F2) and on my 14-54 2.8 to 3.5

Reasons must be that 1) it was designed by the company munchkins just for the Olympus lenses ; 2) it drops or loses-if you like- only one f stop and doesn't compromise the lens ability to acquire focus ( auto focus needs a certain amount of minimal light coming in); 3) because it has many well designed pieces of matched glass inside that marries well with the optics and THE ELECTRIC CONTACTS that communicate with camera. I see Kenko and some other lens companies make Oly adapted teleconverters, and maybe they are not bad,--- but it could be yours is not cutting it for quality or QC.

Where did you get the converter and what did you pay, Kathy?. (Will help other shoppers,huh?) Good teleconverters cost up there in price like a good lens, almost anyway. gs.

Konrad Beck , Jun 16, 2008; 06:43 a.m.

I assume that your are talking about the Olympus EC-20 converter; make sure that your E-510 firmware is updated to version 1.2. Olympus claims for this update: " Improved the focusing accuracy when using the EC-20 Teleconverter."

Harold Gough , Jun 16, 2008; 07:35 a.m.

Gerry Siegle says, re The EC 14, "2) it drops or loses-if you like- only one f stop "

Of course it does, being only a x1.4 converter (1.4 is the square root of 2). If you need the x2 magnification you have to pay the price of two stops. These considerations have nothing to do with the make of converter but are universal, based on optical laws.

Gerry Siegel (Honolulu) , Jun 17, 2008; 11:07 p.m.

No quarrel with optical law, Harold. (Except, as you know, the figure is 1.41414.... ) I wonder if Kathy is referring to the EC-20. A new product. Care to tell, Kathy-O?

Harold Gough , Jun 18, 2008; 03:52 a.m.

I have to say that we in the UK are suspicious of any number with an EC prefix, in that it is likely to cost us a great deal more than an f-stop or two!

Paul Miller , Jun 23, 2008; 11:25 a.m.

I think kathy got a screw-on telephoto adapter that mounts on the front of the lens. Bad idea. First, optically it is probably a piece of junk. Secondly, the weight of this piece of junk hanging on the end of the lens will eventually grind down the autofocus motor.

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