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EP1 vs. EP2 vs. EPL1 vs. EPL2 differences in AF speed

Leslie Cheung , Dec 30, 2011; 07:19 a.m.

Are there are specific differences between the AF modules on the older pens? Does the 2nd generation say (epl2) AF faster than 1st? Or differences between ep2 and epl1? If I use a recent lens, say, 14-42mm IIr on it or a panasonic lens...Would there be a difference among the four? Thanks, I appreciated.


Marc Rochkind , Dec 30, 2011; 09:09 a.m.

A definitive answer would be hard to come by, made more complicated by a firmware update for the oldest of these that improved AF speed.

Yury UKhov , Dec 30, 2011; 12:47 p.m.

- even more complicated ,due to format in chose

Bruce Rubenstein , Dec 30, 2011; 05:47 p.m.

The difference between the II and IIr is only cosmetic. It also depends on which firmware version the first series cameras have. I recently bought a used E-PL2 kit and updated the firmware for both the body and lens, and noticed no difference in AF speed. Some of the Panasonic lenses supposedly are faster on the 3 bodies.

Like any "system" there seems to be a lot of particular body/lens specifics. There seems to be a large number of knowledge folks on this forum: http://www.mu-43.com/

Leslie Cheung , Dec 31, 2011; 05:49 a.m.

From my gathering, they are all the same with the latest firmware (with the same lens)...Are there significant differences among the them. I wanted to get one since there are many deals to be had with the older pens and I like IBIS. I think I'm going to stay put and wait it out though $200-250 is pretty enticing...

John Reynolds , Jan 04, 2012; 11:08 p.m.

Henry's in Canada has the Olympus E-PL1 with the 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 ED and MSC 40-150mm f/4-5.6 R on sale for 399.99.
Might help overcome your speed concerns!

dan Mar , Jan 05, 2012; 06:08 a.m.

I would consider the E-PL1s. The newer 's' version has a higher ISO setting, the better kit lens, which focuses faster and is sturdier. I am actually considering getting one. It is selling for less than 370 new on the fleaBay. But it may be available other places i just haven't found it.

Jack Flannery , Jan 20, 2012; 04:04 p.m.

I have an EP-2 and a friend just bought an EP-3. It is much, much snappier than mine. So much so that I will probably be upgrading soon.

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